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Roller blinds day night

Roller blinds day night

For those who strive to create an ideal atmosphere in their home at any time of the year and day, day-night blinds will be an ideal option for window design. Their design allows you to select the required level of light over the entire area of the glass unit. This can be achieved through stripes on the fabric with different transparency.

Day-night roller blinds: design features

This type of sun protection is also called “zebra”. And all because they are based on fabric with horizontal stripes. It wraps around the bottom and top strips that are installed on the windows. Therefore, when scrolling the canvases, the stripes move and align, creating different levels of lighting.

To create the “day” effect transparent areas of the fabric should be at the same level, and for “night” - darkened. Roller blinds day-night (Zebra) allow you to set an intermediate mode with light twilight in the rooms. This is a universal type of fabric blinds that look great in any interior - from classic to minimalist. Apart from their appearance, they are easy to care for.

Special fabrics are used to make day-night roller blinds. And their feature is not only “striped”; appearance, but also the compositions with which the canvases are processed. Due to impregnation, it is possible to achieve an antistatic and dust-repellent effect.

Roller blinds day/night: varieties

If we compare day-night curtains with other systems for protecting windows from sunlight, then the price of these is slightly higher,  but this is fully justified by their versatility.

A complex mechanism allows you not only to move the canvas from one position to another, but also to raise the curtains to the desired height. In addition, roller blinds look beautiful day and night, and alternating stripes will give the windows an extraordinary decorative effect.

Such roller blinds have several types of mechanisms that differ in the range of functions and qualities:

  1. Mini - equipped with an open mechanism and tubular weights. Suitable for small windows and even doors.
  2. Uni (Uni) - consist of U-shaped guides on the sides and bottom of the canvases and a closed mechanism.
  3. Standard - characterized by a reinforced design, so they are suitable for large windows and doors.

Buy fabric roller blinds day-night

The day-night system has proven itself equally well in home, office and public interiors.

The advantage of the mechanism lies in its capabilities. Using the same curtains, you can create a night mode for comfortable sleep or watching a movie, enjoy the bright light on a

sunny morning, and even create an intimate atmosphere. And all this can be obtained regardless of the time of day and weather.

The online factory of sun protection systems Pro-Shto offers a wide selection of blinds and roller shutters for decorating window openings at competitive prices.

Ordering day-night curtains is very simple using a convenient online calculator. You simply enter the parameters of your windows, choose the type of system and color of the fabric and get the final cost of the finished products. All curtains and blinds are made from high-quality fittings and materials in our production according to individual measurements. Therefore, we are ready to guarantee high quality and durability of the systems. We also offer delivery throughout Ukraine. The time from order to receipt of products is minimal, since the entire process takes place in our own production. And timing often decides everything.

Zebra curtains from Pro-Shto will look good in any environment, will not create any problems in operation, and you will be able to enjoy coziness and comfort day and night.