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Fabric roller blinds Besta Standart 25 (metal fastening)
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The Standart 25 system is designed for free-hanging roller blinds on a ø24mm pipe, mounted on a wall or ceiling. The system uses a new mechanism with high braking force and a chain drive. The system has a set of metal brackets that allow installation in all planes with horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Maximum width: 1800mm;
Maximum height: 3000mm;
Accessories color: white, brown;
System type: open;
Guides: no;
Control mechanism: chain;
Control side: left/right;
Fixation type: string, magnets.

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User Reviews:

Fabric roller blinds Besta Standart 25 (metal fastening)

Roller curtains standard 25: Style and functionality for your interior

In the modern world of design and interior, roller blinds have gained immense popularity due to their elegance, functionality and ability to harmoniously fit into any style of the room. Fabric blinds on the standard 25 system are an ideal combination of aesthetics and practicality. Let me tell you more about this fascinating interior decoration.

Advantages of Roller Blinds Standard 25

  1. Style and Elegance: Roller blinds on the standard 25 system are the embodiment of modern style and elegance. They give the room a laconic and clean look, emphasizing its design and style.
  2. Functionality: One of the most important advantages of roller blinds is their functionality. They are easily adjusted using the standard 25 mechanism, allowing you to precisely adjust the level of lighting in the room.
  3. Sun protection: Fabric blinds perfectly protect the room from excessive solar radiation, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature inside and preventing furniture from fading.
  4. Privacy: Roller blinds provide a high level of privacy, protecting you from the prying eyes of outside observers.
  5. Ease of care: Fabric blinds are quite easy to care for. To clean them from dust and dirt, it is enough to use a soft brush or a damp sponge.

Where to install roller blinds

Rolled curtains are ideal for installation in various rooms and zones:

  1. Living room: You can emphasize the beauty of your living room by choosing roller blinds that harmoniously complement the color of household appliances and furniture.
  2. Bedroom: Fabric blinds will help create an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility, and their option of dark and light modes will allow you to adjust the level of illumination according to your needs.
  3. Kitchen: Roller blinds will effectively protect the kitchen from excessive solar radiation, preventing overheating, and will also create an additional accent in the design of the room.
  4. Office premises: Fabric blinds are a practical choice for office

premises, helping to reduce glare on monitors and increase work productivity.

Color Harmony and Design

The right choice of roller blind colors can add depth and style to your interior. However, it is important to consider several rules:

- Contrast or Harmony: If you want to create contrast, choose colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. If you prefer harmony, choose shades from the same color spectrum.

- Consider Your Tastes: Your personal preferences and style should determine the color range of roller blinds. You can choose a shade that best matches your favorite colors and mood of the interior.

Additional information:

As you know, roller blinds are not only a practical element of the interior, but also an opportunity to express your style and individuality. In our production, you can order roller blinds with your own design or even print photos on fabric. This can be a great way to make your curtains unique and personalized.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the material of fabric blinds. The choice of fabric affects the degree of light filtration, protection from the sun, as well as the general appearance of the curtains. Polyester is a synthetic material, it does not burn out for a long time, does not collect dirt and is quickly cleaned. This is all thanks to the additional impregnations of the fabric, which repel mud, and also provide the fabric with an antistatic effect.


Roller blinds are an ideal choice for those who value a combination of style, functionality and aesthetics. They can become an irreplaceable accent in your interior, adding comfort and harmony to the space. Having carefully chosen the color scheme and material, you will create an atmosphere that corresponds to your taste and lifestyle.

Let roller blinds become a great addition to your home, giving it a new level of comfort and beauty.