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Closed roller blinds Besta Uni - P
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Closed roller blind Besta UNI-P. It is completed with a protective aluminum box and side U-shaped guides. It is applied to installation on the opening and deaf shutters. The box protects the fabric from damage and the guides cover the side gaps.

  • Maximum width: 1600mm;
  • Maximum height: 1550mm;
  • Hardware color: white, brown, golden oak, walnut, mahogany;
  • System type: closed (cassette);
  • Guides: U-shaped;
  • Control mechanism: chain;
  • Control side: left/right;
  • Fixation type: not required.
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Closed roller blinds Besta Uni - P

  • Description of the UNI-P system (UNI 2)
  • Features of cassette systems
  • Advantages of roller blinds in a closed box
  • Buy fabric blinds Besta UNI-P in Ukraine

UNI-P system (also known as Profil)

This cassette system belongs to the "UNI" family, which means it is a "closed" system, but that's where the similarities end. The fundamental differences of the UNI-P system lie in the universal method of installation. U-shaped guides provide flexibility in installation and expand the possibilities of your imagination to the size limitations of 1600 mm in width and 1550 mm in height (with the use of BlackOut fabrics the height parameters can be reduced), but even if the entire fabric does not roll up in the box system, you can order a product with a higher height. It is worth considering that part of the fabric that does not fit in the box will remain suspended on the system and partially block the light beam.

The main advantage of the UNI-P system is special lining profiles that lift the box and allow it to be installed on any flat surface. Due to this, there are installation variations, such as: - "on the studs", while the system will be installed on the locking part of the studs and looks similar to the UNI system, but with this installation there are some nuances, the box occupies 60 mm in height and partially covers the light beam . - "on the frame", in this case, the system box is installed on the window frame and rises above the jambs, in this installation option, the overall dimensions of the system in terms of height should be indicated. - "on the beam" thanks to the n-shaped guides, the fabric is constantly in a closed space and does not move during gusts of wind, thanks to this feature, you can glue the guides along the edges of the window beam and install a box with fabric on top, which will allow you to completely close the beam with one system.< /p>

Rolling blinds cassette system

Features of the UNI-P system

When lowering the curtain in the UNI-P system, the canvas moves a little further from the glass compared to the UNI system. On the one hand, the close location to the glass is an advantage, as it harmonizes the appearance of the sash. But on the other hand, if the window gets covered with condensation, the fabric of the curtain can stick to it. When wet fabric gets into the box, it can gradually destroy the structure inside the box.

In the UNI-P

system, the curtain fabric is lowered below the level of the lower window jamb and provides maximum darkening of the room when necessary. There is not a single crack left through which sunlight from the street can penetrate - this is provided that a fabric with maximum light impermeability is chosen for the manufacture of roller blinds.

It is important to remember that due to its larger dimensions, the box of the UNI-P system slightly reduces the maximum opening angle of the sliding window, since it will collide with the window threshold when opened. This should be taken into account if you install roller blinds of this type on sliding windows or balcony doors.

UNI-P cassette roller blinds differ not only in the variety of available solutions in choosing the color or decor of the fabric. The box and guides can also be selected in an original design - for example, with an imitation of the texture of natural wood. This approach to creating decorative solutions allows you to harmoniously combine the design of blinds with any interior solutions, including hi-tech, modern or classicism. White blinds in the Japanese style with neutral edging or models with a fantasy design and pronounced fabric texture look especially impressive on the windows.

Advantages of the UNI-P system (UNI 2):

  • strong fixation of the canvas, does not deviate when opened;
  • compactness;
  • minimum care;
  • easy installation;
  • reliably protects against ultraviolet rays and prying eyes;
  • the color of the box design and guides matches the color of the frame, so they are practically invisible when twisted;
  • free opening of the sash;
  • the windowsill remains free, it can be used for various needs;
  • applies to mansard and other window designs;
  • installation on any types of windows with different jambs or on a beam.

To order fabric blinds in the cassette system, use the online calculator or call the contact numbers listed on the site. Our specialists will provide complete information about the UNI-P system and help buy roller blinds at a low price. By using our site, you place an order for production, so you get low prices for roller blinds directly from the manufacturer.