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Roller blinds

Roller blinds

Among the various modern design options for plastic windows, consumers are increasingly choosing fabric roller blinds (also known as roller blinds). This type of sun protection is distinguished by its original appearance and ease of use. The curtain fabric is wound onto the shaft when adjusting the height. And thanks to the variety of fabrics, their textures, patterns and shades, fabric roller blinds make the interior holistic and harmonious.

Fabric roller blinds, open or closed: how to choose

Depending on the characteristics of the working mechanism, curtains are divided into closed and open.

  1. Open roller blinds are the most common window design option. They are distinguished by their budget price and reliably protect the window opening from sunlight. At the top of the curtain there is a rotating shaft on which the fabric is wound using a chain. A string acts as side guides, which regulates the fit of the canvas to the glass unit.
  2. Closed fabric roller blinds have rigid guides that securely fix the canvas while moving. In addition, the shaft is hidden in a special cover box. This system is ideal for plastic windows.

For the manufacture of fabric roller blinds of open and closed types, materials are used that are treated with special impregnations. High-quality fabrics prevent the accumulation of static electricity and dust, and are resistant to fading and biological destruction.

Fabric blinds: choice of material

Before ordering fabric blinds and roller blinds, you should take into account the style of the premises, their color scheme and other parameters. An important aspect of choice is the fabric. Comfort in the home or office depends on its light transmittance.

  1. BlackOut. This fabric appeared relatively recently and from its name it becomes clear that it limits the flow of light into the room as much as possible. This material is suitable for those who want to feel comfortable regardless of the time of day. BlackOut canvases are coated with mirror coatings that reflect the sun's rays well and thereby reduce indoor temperatures.
  2. Translucent fabrics. The canvases have a low density and transmit light well. Of course, they will not protect from the scorching rays of the sun, but they will appeal to those who want to decorate the interior and add comfort to it. Their low cost also encourages you to purchase such curtains.
  3. Day-night. These are universal canvases that can be adjusted directly on the window depending on the circumstances. They look like they are made from alternating strips of fabric: transparent and dense. More details Due to this, it is possible to achieve the optimal level of


Buy fabric blinds for windows at a good price

In the Pro-Shto online store, fabric blinds and roller blinds are easy to buy online. In our catalog you can not only choose the type of fabric and mechanism, but also calculate prices for finished products using an online calculator.

Now it’s very easy to order fabric blinds for windows online. It is enough to enter individual measurements of your window into the fields of the online calculator, select the type of product and fabric. We can order both products in single copies and in large quantities. You will find more detailed terms of cooperation on our website.

We offer delivery of roller curtains and blinds throughout Ukraine and are always ready to help with the choice. All stages of production are carried out under careful control and taking into account the individual wishes of each client. And thanks to the use of high-quality components and fabrics, the consumer receives reliable and beautiful sun protection for many years.

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