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Roman curtains

Roman curtains

The right decoration for windows decorates the room and makes it look holistic. First of all, it protects the house from the bright sun and the annoying glances of passers-by and neighbors. Recently, consumers have been choosing Roman blinds as window decorations. A simple design, minimalist design and a wide selection of colors and textures of the canvas allow you to use Roman blinds in interiors of any stylistic direction.

Roman blinds: design features

This type of sun protection for plastic windows is a beautiful and at the same time practical decor. Roman roller blinds have a simple design, but their appearance is sophisticated and sophisticated. Roman blinds are suitable for any room and will decorate both small windows in the kitchen and large ones on the terrace or veranda. Curtains consist of a fabric and a mechanism that is used to adjust the level of light. When closed, the canvas completely covers the glass unit, and when raised it forms soft folds. Therefore, regardless of the position, the Roman blind always looks aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

Fabric for Roman roller blinds can be chosen from both natural and synthetic fibers, but most consumers prefer natural fabrics. These are linen, jacquard, chintz, satin or silk. They hold their shape well in any form. Canvases can be smooth and textured, plain or patterned, translucent or dense. Therefore, if you have chosen “Romans” think over all the details that relate to the appearance of the canvas and do not forget about its combination with other textiles in the room.

The principle of operation of the design is extremely simple. Rods are attached to the canvases along horizontal lines at equal distances from each other. A weighting agent is placed at the bottom. A cord is attached to each rod, with the help of which the curtains are raised and fixed at any height, forming beautiful folds on the window opening.

Installation and options for Roman blinds

Depending on the features of the interior, the shape of window openings and their sizes, Roman blinds and blinds are attached to different surfaces. Due to this, you can achieve different effects and create a unique appearance of the windows.

Depending on the mounting location, Roman blinds are attached:

  1. To the ceiling. This placement method is suitable for large rooms. In this case, the canvas will go down to the floor and will become an integral part of the design of the room.
  2. On the wall. This shape allows you to close the window opening, and with it the frame.
  3. On the window. This method allows you to open access to the window and window sill, and the design itself looks minimalistic. This method of fastening is the most popular, as it resembles blinds and is suitable without exception for any windows. And the cost of curtains of this type is slightly lower due to the low consumption of fabric.

The first online factory in Ukraine, Pro-Shto, offers to produce custom-made Roman blinds with any installation option. You can calculate the price of finished products and buy online using a calculator directly on the website. Also, curtain designs of this type are used not only on windows. They are suitable as decorative partitions on balconies, to cover niches and storage areas in the house.

Roman roller blinds: advantages

Most fabrics that are used for Roman-style blinds have properties that repel dust and dirt. This can be achieved with the help of special impregnations. In addition, Roman blinds are easy to care for. Simply remove the fabrics and wash or clean them.

And this is not the most important advantage of this type of sun protection. Roman blinds will delight their owners with the following advantages:

  • reliable protection from sunlight and

ultraviolet radiation;

  • the ability to adjust the light level depending on the choice of fabric;
  • ease of operation, since the blade can be raised and lowered using one chain;
  • ease of installation;
  • combined with the design of the premises and are suitable for any style.
  • Buy Roman blinds for plastic windows

    Now Roman blinds and blinds can be ordered online. There is no need to call a measurer to buy Roman blinds and find time for this. The Pro-Shto company offers to simply take window measurements, choose the type and color of fabric, and our specialists will make curtains in the shortest possible time.

    A convenient and understandable catalog on the website will allow you to make the right choice of canvases and type of fastening. All components and fittings for our products are of European origin and meet high quality standards. Manufacturing work is carried out on the basis of our production, so we guarantee the shortest possible time from submitting an application to completing the order. You can order from us either one product or a whole batch in bulk. This proposal will be relevant for medical and educational institutions.

    It is not necessary to subject your home to global changes, undertake renovations or buy new furniture. It is enough to simply change the appearance of the windows with the help of beautiful and original Roman blinds and your interior will receive a new sound.

    Roman blinds