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Cassette type roller blinds

Cassette type roller blinds

Fabric roller blinds for windows come in different configurations and types. This variety allows you to choose the ideal option for the room, depending on its purpose and design. Closed fabric roller blinds are equipped with a special box, inside which the curtain fabric is hidden, and the design itself looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Fabric roller blinds: characteristics and types

The closed type of fabric roller blinds means the presence of a special cassette, inside of which the curtain fabric is placed when wound. In addition, this system is equipped with guides that fix the edges of the canvas on the window opening.

At the bottom of the canvas there is also a weighting bar, which straightens the canvas on the window and provides it with a beautiful shape. The curtain is controlled using a chain that fixes the curtain at a certain level and is responsible for the level of natural light in the rooms.

Such curtains are easy to use and provide reliable protection of premises from intense sunlight and the curious glances of neighbors and passers-by.

There are two types of roller blinds and they should be selected depending on the characteristics of the double-glazed window:

  1. For double-glazed windows with deep square beads, the UNI system is suitable. In it, flat guides are superimposed on the frame and press the edges of the canvas as close to the glass as possible, leaving a small gap.
  2. For double-glazed windows with narrow and shaped glazing beads and most standard plastic windows, a universal system called UNI-P is suitable. They are equipped with guides in the form of the letter P.

How to choose fabric roller blinds

Like any roller blinds, this type of roller shutter is also easy to install. But for housewives, such curtains are also a practical solution for window decoration. Special dirt-repellent impregnations on the fabric make the linens easy to care for.

But when choosing a fabric, not only the color is important, but also its properties. In the Pro-shto online factory catalog you can select and order different types of canvases:

  1. Day-night. This is one of the most popular solutions, which allows you to adjust light transmission from complete darkness to dim light. This effect can be achieved by alternating strips of different densities on one canvas. The price of such systems is a little more expensive.
  2. Monochromatic. Don't be limited and choose any shade of fabric for curtains. Plain samples may differ in the level of light transmission. Just don’t forget to take into account the interior style and the color of other


  • With a pattern or design. For those who want to add individuality to their home, canvases with drawings and patterns are suitable. Such curtains look especially beautiful in children's rooms and kitchens, giving them a special mood.
  • Texture. Canvases with different effects also look advantageous and give the rooms additional comfort.
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