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Roller blinds Day-Night cassette type U-shape.
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Closed day-night curtain Besta UNI-P. It is equipped with a protective aluminum box and side U-shaped guides inside which the fabric is placed. Used for installation on open and fixed sashes. The aluminum box protects the fabric from external influences and the guides cover the side gaps.

Maximum width: 1300mm;
Maximum height: 2600mm;
Fittings color: white, brown, golden oak, walnut, mahogany;
System type: closed (cassette);
Guides: U-shaped;
Control mechanism: chain;
Control side: left/right;
Fixation type: not required.

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Roller blinds Day-Night cassette type U-shape.

When choosing decor to protect windows from sunlight, consumers are increasingly paying attention to cassette-type roller blinds. Firstly, they look very aesthetically pleasing thanks to the cornice and guides, thereby providing ideal darkening of the rooms.

UNI-P cassette system "day-night": features and advantages

The UNI-P closed system is recognized as one of the most universal, since its design is equally well suited for installation on a window sash, window and doorway. The guides are positioned in such a way that when installed on a flat surface, they create a frame of fabric and ensure a complete fit.

The system is ideal for installation on windows with shaped glazing beads. And to achieve harmony in the interior, you can choose several design color options: brown, white, walnut, golden oak and mahogany.

A special fabric is also selected for cassette roller blinds. It consists of alternating dense and transparent stripes, which allows you to achieve the so-called “day-night” effect. The fabric is arranged in two layers and when opening and closing the stripes alternate, thereby allowing you to set different positions. It can transmit 50% of sunlight, create complete darkness, and when the curtains are fully raised, the curtain is simply retracted and daylight fills the entire space.

And if we compare cassette-type day-night roller blinds with a standard system  roller blinds, they have a more modern appearance. And thanks to the guides, complete adherence to the glass unit and complete darkening are ensured, which is very important for windows on the sunny side, as well as rooms for working with a projector and other demonstration equipment.

align="justify">Day-night fabrics and their advantages

This type of canvas is also called “zebra”. This has to do with her appearance. Alternating stripes of different densities create different effects during movement and depend on their location relative to each other. Beautiful appearance makes this type of canvas very popular.

Adjusting the curtains is very easy and this happens due to a chain that can be used to move the fabric, changing the light intensity in the room, or raise it to a certain height and fix it. Which side the chain is placed depends on your personal preference and ease of use.

Select and buy roller blinds with the UNI-P cassette system "day-night"

Ukraine's first online factory of sun protection systems, Pro-shto, offers UNI-P roller blinds and day-night fabric at affordable prices. When ordering through the online calculator, you must enter the window dimensions, select the type of fastening and the side of the control chain. The next stage of selection will be the color of the canvases and the system itself. These parameters depend on your personal wishes and interior features.

The UNI-P system is suitable for any type of window opening. And correctly selected curtains will make your home cozy and allow you to enjoy life at any time of the day.

cassette system day night zebra in a closed box