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We use quality materials from European manufacturers, which will last 3 times longer than other analogues.

Domestik production

Domestik production

Semi Knocked Down takes place in Ukraine, as a result of which you create new jobs with your orders.

Blinds and shutters for windows from the Pro-shto online factory

After the repairs are made and new windows are installed, there is a need to design the window openings. Some prefer to use traditional curtains and tulle. Others, on the contrary, prefer more modern options and choose shutters and blinds for plastic windows. This option of protection for windows allows you to independently adjust the level of illumination of the room and its temperature during the hot season.

Solar protection systems for windows: how to choose

A correctly selected option for the design of metal-plastic windows will help to solve several tasks at the same time, namely:

  • will protect the window from light and direct sunlight;
  • decorate the window opening;
  • will make the interior whole.

But this will only happen if you choose the right type of sun protection system for windows. After all, as you know, they can be made of different materials and differ in orientation.

Blinds on plastic windows: types and characteristics

The word "blinds" is used to refer to a structure made of individual slats that can be turned or moved away using a special mechanism. Depending on the placement of the slats, they can be vertical or horizontal. They also differ in materials of manufacture.

Horizontal blinds

This is the most classic version of sun blinds for plastic windows. They consist of horizontal strips called lamellae. They themselves can be made of aluminum and covered with acrylic paints of any color or be completely wooden.

The version of classic blinds made of aluminum is most often used in offices and shops. Wooden structures are well suited for home interiors and help to stylize eco interiors.

The system of classic blinds has two ways of adjustment. The first - with the help of a cane, changes the angle of inclination of the lamellas, and the second allows you to raise the lamellas at the top of the double-glazed window.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have a simple design and are suitable for any interior and room. They consist of fabric strips impregnated with special compositions, combined into one chain. They can be easily moved to one or two sides, and the stripes can be placed at different angles.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, sun blinds on the windows are easily mounted, and they can be plain or with patterns. In favor of such blinds is a low price and a long service life, which is due to the simplicity of the mechanism.

Characteristics and features of window blinds

This type of protection got its name from the word "roll" in the form of which the curtain is folded. Roller blinds consist of two guides and cloths between them.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds can be found more and more often in modern interiors. They are made using fabric, bamboo or jute. Consumers most often choose fabric options. Correctly chosen color of the material will decorate the interior and harmoniously fit into the home environment. Solar blinds will also decorate the windows of offices, educational and medical institutions, restaurants, cafes and other public spaces.

Bamboo blinds are ideal for eco-friendly interiors. They will add extraordinary charm to the house and add warmth and coziness.

Roll-type home window blinds can be fabric and not only protect windows from sunlight, but also decorate the interior. The main thing is to choose the appropriate fabric.

Roman blinds

Another interesting model of blinds is Roman blinds (blinds). They first appeared on the windows of residents of the Mediterranean coast and quickly became popular. Natural fabrics are used for their production - linen, chintz, satin or jacquard. Options from synthetic fabrics are also possible.

"Rimki" are ideal for wide windows, they protect well from bright sunlight, and when folded, they decorate windows in the form of smooth fabric waves.

Buy blinds and shutters at favorable prices

The Pro-shto company is the first online designer of sunscreen systems in Ukraine. The convenient catalog allows you to easily and quickly choose the type of product, materials and quickly calculate the price of blinds and shutters.

By contacting us, you get:

  1. Wide range. From us you can buy a variety of blinds and fabric roller blinds of any size and configuration.
  2. A high quality. We use high-quality components of Polish production. With a slight increase in the cost of finished products, you get high quality and reliable protection for windows.
  3. Operativeness. All products are manufactured at our factory, so waiting takes a minimum of time.
  4. Good price on blinds. On our website, the list of promotional offers is constantly updated, and you can always choose a suitable option for your home, office and other premises.
  5. You can order blinds for the balcony and windows in the online store in bulk, which will significantly reduce their price. This option is suitable for educational institutions, offices and other public premises. We also work with private individuals and offer the manufacture and sale of custom-made roller blinds and blinds for even the smallest windows.

You will find all terms of cooperation on our website. Order sun protection for your windows at Pro-shto and enjoy being indoors in any weather.


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