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Blinds horizontal aluminum
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Aluminum horizontal blinds are used worldwide as an effective and inexpensive means of sun protection. Blinds consist of an aluminum eaves and slats which are assembled into a single structure. To control the blinds, a separate mechanism in the form of a cord and a cane is used, the cord raises the blinds and the cane turns the slats.

  • Lamella width: 25mm or 16mm;
  • Lamella material: aluminum;
  • Fixation type: metal cable, fishing line;
  • Lamella holder: ladder in the color of the lamellae;
  • Cornice: in the color of the slats;
  • Control mechanism: separate - the slats are rotated with a cane, lifted with cords;
  • Maximum width: 2000mm;
  • Maximum height: 3000mm.
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Blinds horizontal aluminum

Check out the installation of horizontal blinds - a popular solution for many Ukrainians. This is historically the first solar protection solution in Ukraine, which has proven itself due to its reliability and functionality. Horizontal blinds help control the access of light and protect from the scorching sun and prying eyes.

Horizontal blinds: how they work

Conventional horizontal blinds consist of transverse plates called slats, which are interconnected by a system of threads. This system is operated by a cord and a cane. With the help of a cord, the slats can be raised and lowered, fixing them at the desired height. The cane allows you to rotate the slats at a certain angle, adjusting the amount of light that enters.

Modern horizontal blinds on the eaves perform several important tasks:

  • Provides protection from the sun and views, creating a comfortable environment;
  • Add a stylish accent and harmony to the interior.
Thanks to modern technologies, horizontal blinds are presented in many varieties, which allows you to choose the best option for both a quiet bedroom and an office space. They are suitable for different types of windows, and a wide range of colors and designs help you find the perfect option for any style of interior.

The Benefits of Horizontal Blinds on an Eaves

Since its inception, aluminum horizontal blinds have not lost their relevance and popularity due to a number of advantages:

  1. Easy to use. They are easy to raise, lower and return thanks to the roller mechanism.
  2. Easy

maintenance. The slats are easy to clean from dust and dirt, just wipe them with a damp cloth. Aluminum blinds do not absorb odors and moisture, which provides them with a long service life.

  • Environmental safety. The materials used for aluminum blinds do not cause allergies and do not accumulate dust.
  • Affordable price. Horizontal blinds are a budget solution, especially when compared to natural wood.
  • A rich selection of designs. Modern technologies make it possible to realistically imitate natural materials and create a variety of color solutions.
  • How to Buy and Install Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

    Ukraine's first online solar system factory offers a wide range of aluminum horizontal blinds. Ordering is easy: enter the dimensions of the window, select the type of fixation and control side, and then select the color of the slats that matches your interior.

    Horizontal blinds can be fixed in two ways:

    1. On a special cornice with a roller mechanism;
    2. On a fixture inside the window frame.

    Installation of aluminum horizontal blinds does not require special knowledge and skills, it can be easily done even by yourself.

    Order aluminum horizontal blinds today and enjoy the cosiness and comfort in your room!

    Aluminum horizontal blinds

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