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Blinds made of natural wood 25mm
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Тесьма для жалюзи 25мм
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Blinds made of natural wood with a lamella width of 25mm. A groover (decorative valance) is installed on the cornice, which closes the cornice and mechanisms. Are completed with a cane under color of the chosen tree. Blinds well close the room from sunlight and heat. Suitable for all types of interiors. Large selection of bamboo and wood slats. In addition, they are completed with fishing line or braid to match the color of the product.

  • Lamella width: 25mm;
  • Lamella material: natural wood (Canadian linden), bamboo;
  • Fixation type: metal cable;
  • Lamella holder: ladder, braid;
  • Eaves: reinforced steel, dimensions 19x25mm;
  • Control mechanism: separate - the slats are rotated with a wooden cane, lifted with cords;
  • Maximum width: 1100mm;
  • Maximum height: 1700mm.
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Blinds made of natural wood 25mm

Natural wood and bamboo blinds

Wooden blinds with 25mm slats will give your interior a special charm and uniqueness. Wooden slats provide excellent protection against excessive heat. Classic wooden blinds are perfect for rooms designed in retro style, but are also successfully used by modern designers in combination with chrome and glass. Lamellas made of natural wood and bamboo are covered with a dust-repellent composition, as well as a special varnish that protects the wood from fading and moisture. We provide a wide range of wood and bamboo colors. Wooden blinds are controlled with a wooden cane that is responsible for turning the slats, as well as cords for raising and lowering the blinds. This type of product can be equipped with automation and controlled by a remote control or a button. All additional elements and controls are matched to the main color of the product (by default). Non-standard types of a complete set of blinds are possible. You can install wooden blinds both on the sash and on the window opening. To hold the slats on the tilt-and-turn sashes, it is recommended to install "bottom fixation" or "string". A decorative shuttlecock (cornice) is included as standard. The choice of a standard or ribbon ladder is optional, and is paid extra.

Blind slats are a natural and nearly perfect cut of a Basswood tree trunk that is dried and processed for use in these products.
One of The main features of wooden blinds are the structure of the slats, which conveys the naturalness of this material, where a natural cut of a tree is simply opened several times with varnish of various colors, giving it a stable shade of oak, pine, beech, walnut, chestnut, etc. .. and unlike plastic or aluminum - it looks really dignified and creates a unique atmosphere in the interior. Growth rings, tiger texture, uneven compaction or streaks around knots - all this gives sophistication and naturalness to these products.

id="kachestvo">If we talk about the durability of materials, then if used correctly, they will last for decades. But you should still pay attention - that with dark shades of wood and very bright sun - a faded shade can still appear in a few years - though only on the outer (street) side of the blinds.
Blinds with a lamella width of 25 mm are very functional and look beautiful when installed on the window frame. When installed on a window opening, products with a wider lamella look more beautiful (from our point of view).

To create a unique interior, designers usually choose blinds on a ribbon ladder. You can pick it up in color or in contrast. The braid does not affect the strength of the product, rather it is used as a decorative element.

How to care for 25mm wood blinds

Wet cleaning is unacceptable for natural wood blinds.
It is best to use a vacuum cleaner, dry cloth or soft brush, do not use aerosols.
In addition, solvents and abrasive powders that lead to the destruction of the top layer, the formation of cracks and defects in appearance.

Features of the appearance of natural wood blinds:

  • the side cuts of the slats are tinted to match, except for the light natural colors Pine, Beech and Milano;
  • holes for cords are not tinted for all wood colors;
  • in places where holes are punched in the lamellas, slight deformation is possible (the reason is a violation of the wood structure at the place of punching and moisture ingress during operation);
  • Blinds elements (cane, bell, etc.) may differ in tone from the color of the slats, due to the different structure of the source materials;
  • the surface of the lamellas may have different degrees of haze, which is associated with the natural origin of the material and is not a defect;
  • growth rings, knots, "brindle" the texture on the slats - manifestations of the wood structure, emphasizing the naturalness of the material - are not a defect and a subject for complaint.

Natural wood blinds 25mm  Wooden blinds 25mm

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