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Blinds horizontal Venus flat system
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Venus blinds are a modern high-tech design among other types of blinds. A special type of installation "between the glazing beads" allows you to hide the cornice inside the light opening, so that the entire structure does not hang on the frame and is installed without reducing the opening angle of the window.

Lamella width: 25mm or 16mm;
Lamella material: aluminum, natural wood, bamboo;
Fixation type: metal cable;
Lamella holder: ladder;
Cornice: flat with a decorative overlay;
Color of a decorative overlay: white. brown, golden oak;
Control mechanism: chain, rotation and lifting of the slats is carried out using one chain;
Maximum width: 1500mm;
Maximum height: 2500mm.

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User Reviews:

Blinds horizontal Venus flat system

Modern metal-plastic and wooden windows with double-glazed windows open in several positions. This was the reason for the appearance of Venus blinds, which differ from the standard horizontal design by the control system and the method of attachment. Thanks to her, it became possible to fully adhere to the double-glazed window and window frame. Now, when changing the position of the shutters, the blinds do not sag, and the adjustment by the system has become possible using a single chain.

Venus horizontal blinds: design

This type of blinds is a practical and at the same time modern solution for any interior. The design consists of a flat cornice at the top and lamellas 25 or 16 mm wide. They are tied together in one system with a braid, and a plastic chain is used to raise and turn the aluminum slats.

Blinds with the Venus system with a slat thickness of 25 mm can be made with punching, which allows you to create complete darkening in the premises. And the proximity of the structure to the double-glazed window only enhances this effect.

Venus aluminum blinds are ideal for those who want to protect their home or office from the bright sun and prying eyes. In addition to a simple design, you get a beautiful appearance of the Venus blinds and free the window opening from bulky structures. Now you can decorate windows with flower pots and other decor without any problems. And you can open or close the doors without any inconvenience.

Blinds Venus: advantages and features

Horizontal blinds with the Venus system are becoming more and more popular. Ease of use and concise appearance speak in favor of this choice.

Comparing them with standard systems, Venus horizontal blinds have the following advantages:

  • compact size, which is achieved due to the thinness of the cornice;
  • durable and simple control mechanism;
  • concise appearance due to fit to glass and frame;
  • single multi-command control system (one chain turns and raises the slats);

  • Inclined fixation system included.
  • The distinguishing feature of the Venus system is the location of the structure. It is located as close as possible to the double-glazed window. A flat cornice, which is part of the mount, looks aesthetically pleasing and does not spoil the appearance of window openings. Due to the tight fit, it is possible to achieve a complete overlap of natural light. And this is especially important for offices, homes and educational institutions where there is a need to use video projectors. They are equally well suited for partial dimming and provide soft lighting. All operations for adjusting the angle of inclination and the height of the slats are performed by manipulating the chain. For arched windows, you can order a rounded cornice.

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