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Vertical fabric blinds

Vertical fabric blinds

Traditional curtains accumulate dust and absorb odors, so they do not always meet consumer requirements. They were replaced by vertical blinds. They are functional and suitable for decorating windows in homes, offices and public spaces.

Vertical blinds: description

Today we can safely say that such blinds are a popular option for sun protection in any premises and interiors. They look beautiful, are easy to operate and look harmonious together, either separately or with other window decor. Another argument to order vertical blinds is the price.

Vertical roller blinds consist of the following parts:

  • a cornice with a rod and runners - lamellas are attached to it;
  • lamellas - strips of fabric;
  • cord for moving slats along the cornice;
  • chain for turning the slats;
  • Weights for vertical tension of lamellas.

The slats are rotated and set at the desired angle using a chain, which allows you to regulate the amount of light that will enter the room. Also, vertical fabric blinds move and move apart to the sides and thus open the window opening.

Vertical fabric blinds: advantages

This type of blinds is suitable for both small windows and terraces, balconies and loggias. They are suitable for office, home, medical and educational institutions.

  1. The design of fabric vertical blinds is an excellent replacement for curtains or will complement them.
  2. Different methods of fastening. Blinds are attached to the ceiling, to the walls using brackets, or to the windows in the middle of the window openings.
  3. Unlimited choice of materials and colors of lamellas. They can be smooth, textured or patterned, and also imitate different textures.
  4. Resistance to moisture, ultraviolet radiation and biological destruction.
  5. Easy operation.
  6. Budget price for vertical blinds.

An important advantage of blinds is their ability to visually increase the height of ceilings and expand the space due to the vertical arrangement of the slats. The application of special impregnations protects the lamellas from moisture, dust and deformation.

If we talk about the selection of this type of sun protection, then it is necessary to take into account the style and interior design. For formal offices, calm shades of gray, milky, blue and green are suitable. For a home, the color should be selected depending on the characteristics of the room. Vertical blinds with drawings and patterns look very nice in children's


Buy vertical blinds

The first online factory of sun protection systems in Ukraine, Pro-Shto, is an opportunity to produce fabric vertical blinds to order according to individual measurements. A clear online calculator allows you to select the type of finished structure, color and find out the cost of the products.

We offer several types of control for vertical blinds, which allows you to choose the best option for protection from the scorching sun and prying eyes. To produce blinds, we use proven materials and accessories made in Poland, which allows us to produce high-quality products at competitive prices. We also provide delivery of orders throughout Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Vertical blinds for windows from the Pro-Shto company are reliable protection for many years, which will make the interior holistic and cozy, and your life comfortable.

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