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Vertical blinds 89mm
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89mm vertical blinds are perfect for home and office use. Thanks to the many small slats, the blinds have a laconic, finished look. The advantage of vertical blinds over other types of curtains is excellent ventilation and light transmittance.

Cornice: aluminum LUX;
Fabric slats: 89mm;
Bottom chain;
Loads of lamellas;
Hangers (hangers) slats;
Control mechanism;
Control: chain + cord;
Control type: T1, T2, T3, T4, T8 - the type of control determines which direction the slats will move when controlling the blinds;
Mounting: clip (ceiling) or bracket (wall).

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Vertical blinds 89mm

Vertical blinds are the best alternative to simple curtains. Blinds protect the room from sunlight and also provide an attractive appearance to the windows. Our website presents vertical blinds from the manufacturer Pro-shto at the best prices.

Design of vertical blinds with narrow slats 89mm

Vertical blinds consist of an aluminum cornice with mechanisms, fabric slats and additional components.

In all vertical blinds, regardless of the chosen fabric, a universal cornice is used, which ensures the operation of the product using special mechanisms and a system of runners, but the number of runners, as well as additional elements, depends on the width of the slats.

Slats for vertical blinds

Slats are the main part of the product; the appearance and level of lighting in the room depend on them. The slats come in different widths, 127mm and 89mm. Since narrower slats cover less space, more of them are required, making the products look unusual and unique. This is one of the reasons for installing such blinds at home or in private offices.

Vertical blinds have unique advantages among other sun protection systems. Therefore, they remain popular and are often used both in home interiors and in offices.

Thanks to the wide range of fabrics, it is not difficult to choose curtains for most types of interior.

Vertical blinds, like horizontal ones, allow you to open the light opening completely, as well as rotate the slats around their axis to provide the required level of lighting. In addition, the distance between the slats makes it easy to ventilate the room without opening the blinds, this is especially convenient for offices that are located on the first floors and need to be closed from views from the street without distracting staff from work.

Installation of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are installed in several versions, the most popular type of installation is on the wall, but it is also possible to mount them in the ceiling or inside a slope. The cornice does not rotate in any installation option.

When installing blinds on a wall, special L-shaped brackets are used; they are fixed to the wall, after which the cornice is snapped onto the bracket using clips. The length of the brackets is 70mm, which allows you to move the curtain away from the wall, thereby ensuring the rotation of the slats around its axis. The distance from the wall to the slats can be increased using special extensions; they are installed on the bracket and allow you to increase the length of the bracket, thereby increasing the distance from the wall to the slats.

Installation in the ceiling - when installing in the ceiling, special clips are used to attach the cornice; the clips are pre-fixed on the ceiling, after which the cornice is easily snapped into them. Installation in slopes is similar to installation in the ceiling, while the clips are fixed not in the ceiling, but inside the upper slope.

After fixing the cornice, you need to secure the lamellas; inside the cornice there are special plastic runners with

latches; to fix the lamellas, just insert the lamella into the slider until it clicks and it will be fixed. After fixing the fabric, it is necessary to place a weighting agent, which is included in the kit, into each lamella. After all the weights are installed, simply connect the slats using the bottom chain; there are special clamps on it that allow you to secure the chain to the weights. Now that the cornice and slats are installed and connected, the product is ready for use.

Alternating lamellas. In addition to the standard choice of lamellas, there are options for alternations, in which lamellas of different colors are used.

In this case, it is advisable to choose lamellas from the same series, but of different colors, because lamellas of different textures may not combine well with each other. Examples of popular alternations are dark slats at the edges of the curtain and light slats in the center, or light and dark alternately. In addition to alternating, vertical blinds can be made in the shape of an arch, while the cornice also remains horizontal, but the slats will be of different lengths, from the longest at the edges and the shortest installed in the center.

In addition to protection from sunlight, vertical blinds are used for zoning a room, as well as hiding cabinets or hidden niches.

One of the most beautiful blinds is the multi-texture system. Such blinds allow you to combine several types of fabrics on one slate, using slats of different lengths. For example, darker slats are placed in the upper part and behind them are light or white. This creates an arch, but the window remains completely closed. Multi-texture blinds allow you to create your own unique pattern without cutting the slats and maintaining the functionality of the product.

Multi-texture blinds are supplied with a decorative overlay for the cornice (gruver) – The overlay is installed on the cornice and completely covers it, thereby creating a complete picture between the slats and the cornice. Inside the groover you can install fabric for vertical blinds from the same series as on the slats, or any other. For example, in light blinds you can use a groover made of dark fabric for contrast, or choose the same fabric to create a complete picture.

When it comes to schools and office spaces, vertical blinds provide ease of operation, maximum functionality, good sun protection and minimal cleaning requirements. Thanks to special dust-repellent coatings, the curtain does not accumulate dust and is easy to clean with a damp sponge. Just wipe the fabric and it will be like new even after long-term use.

When choosing the color of a fabric, it is worth considering that the brighter the color, the faster it fades in the sun, so white fabrics retain their appearance longer compared to bright shades.