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Natural wood blinds

Wooden blinds

The use of natural materials for room decoration is not just a tribute to fashion, but a common practice that is familiar to our ancestors. Wood is very often used in modern interiors. Not only furniture is made from it. Wooden blinds are a practical and at the same time stylish way to decorate your windows. They are able to emphasize the nobility of the space and give it additional comfort.

Horizontal wooden blinds: features

Thanks to modern wood processing methods, dozens of wooden strips have been combined into stylish and at the same time practical sun protection systems for windows.

In the process of manufacturing lamellas, high-quality raw materials are used. The wood is treated with special impregnations, which increase its strength, resistance to deformation and destruction.

In order for ready-made blinds made of natural wood to perform the function of darkening windows, each lamella must be perfectly adjusted. Wood tends to change size under the influence of time or moisture, so all design parameters must be strictly observed.

Wood blinds: advantages

Of course, the price of the structure is higher than a similar one made of familiar aluminum. And this is explained both by the cost of the material and the complex manufacturing process.

But despite this, this type of blinds has a number of advantages:

Strength. The slats do not bend or sag during operation, and this ensures a long service life and beautiful appearance.

Ability to select colors and material structure. This allows you to create exclusive products with unique shades. Also, at the request of the client, the slats can be painted in any color.

Additional decor. Braid and lacing act as a decorative element and part of a mechanism for adjusting the level of illumination in rooms.

Versatility. Wooden blinds can be used in any room and this is not affected by the style of the interior. It can be both classic and modern, familiar to everyone.

Caring for such structures is no more difficult than caring for furniture. It is enough to regularly clean them from dust with a slightly damp cloth.

Buy wooden blinds for plastic windows

The Pro-sto company is the first online factory of sun protection systems for windows in Ukraine. This means that there is no

need to invite a surveyor into your home and adjust your day around his visit. It is enough to enter the window parameters into the online calculator, find out the cost of the finished structure and order it immediately.

Horizontal wooden blinds made by our specialists are distinguished by high quality components, which allows them to be used not only in residential premises, but also on balconies, terraces, bathrooms and kitchens. They are equipped with reinforced mechanisms for turning and lifting the structure and a special decorative cornice.

Breathe new life into your interior and give your windows beautiful and durable wooden blinds that will become part of the style of your home!

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