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Blinds Magnus on chain control
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Blinds Magnus are aluminum horizontal blinds with a modern monocontrol, which allows you to control the system with a single chain. The cornice is made of a steel profile and is installed using swivel twist brackets.

Lamella width: 25mm or 16mm;
Lamella material: aluminum;
Fixation type: metal cable;
Lamella holder: ladder;
Cornice: reinforced steel;
Control mechanism: chain. Turning and lifting of the slats is carried out using one chain;
Maximum width: 1200mm;
Maximum height: 1600mm.

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User Reviews:

Blinds Magnus on chain control

Aluminum blinds come in several varieties and may differ in the type of control. One of these types is Magnus blinds, which are the same horizontal blinds, only with mono control.

They differ from our usual aluminum systems in the way we control the slats. And if in the classical system a cord and a cane are used, then here the rotation and lifting of the slats occurs with the help of one chain.

In terms of installation, these blinds can also be mounted using brackets or swivel mounts that are attached to the window frame.

Magnus blinds: slats and cornices

This system uses two types of slats: 16mm and 25mm. They can be of any shade and texture, and the cornice for the system is matched to the color of the lamellas, which gives the windows a complete look and protects from intense sunlight.

Maintenance of this blind system is quite simple. To keep your windows looking neat, it is enough to periodically wipe the blinds with a slightly damp cloth.

Magnus aluminum blinds have a number of advantages:

  • suitable for mounting on any windows, doorways and walls;
  • are easy to manage;
  • choice of lamella width depending

on window sizes and other parameters;

  • durable and reliable.
  • Choose and order Magnus blinds

    The first online solar system factory in Ukraine offers Magnus aluminum blinds for your windows. You can independently choose the color of the system, as well as the width of the slats. In addition to monochromatic options, we offer to assemble a system of different colors of slats. These can be both contrasting options, as well as a transition from a dark to a light shade of the same color that has recently become fashionable.

    It is very easy to buy Magnus blinds. It is enough to enter the height and width of the window directly on the site in a convenient online calculator, determine the side of the control chain, and also choose the width, color and texture of the slats. Also, blinds can be additionally equipped with "string" fasteners, which will help to keep the structure on the swing-out doors. When choosing, start from the features of your interior and its style.

    Magnus blinds with chain control

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