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Blinds made of natural wood 50mm
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Blinds made of natural wood and bamboo with 50mm slats. The cornice is closed with a groover (decorative valance) to give the structure a complete look. Blinds are equipped with a cane made of natural wood to match the color of the slats. Wooden blinds protect the room well from sunlight and heat. Perfectly combined with any type of interior. The site presents a wide selection of lamellas made of bamboo and wood. Additionally, wooden blinds are completed with a ladder or braid to match the color of the product.

  • Lamella width: 50mm;
  • Lamella material: natural wood (Canadian linden), bamboo;
  • Fixation type: metal cable;
  • Lamella holder: ladder, braid;
  • Cornice: reinforced steel, dimensions 58x51mm;
  • Control mechanism: separate - the slats are rotated with a wooden cane, lifted with cords;
  • Maximum width: 1700mm;
  • Maximum height: 2500mm.
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Blinds made of natural wood 50mm

Blinds have long been the universal protection of the house from the active sun and prying eyes. In addition to the aluminum analogues familiar to us, wooden blinds deserve special attention.

Description of wooden blinds

With natural colors and textures, wood rightfully takes center stage in home decor and furnishings. Partitions, furniture and decor items are made from it. Blinds made of natural wood can become the main window decor, or complement the interior of the space and make it complete. A variety of colors and textures of wood allows you to choose cozy blinds for the home, more strict for office space and original compositions for restaurants and cafes.

To give products durability, they are impregnated with special compounds that protect wood from moisture, fading and other adverse effects. They can also be painted in different colors and shades, which allows you to choose products for a specific interior.

Wooden Horizontal Blinds: Embellishment or Centerpiece

Wood blinds are quite an expensive type of sun protection. But at the same time, it is ideal for expensive, refined interiors and ECO-style furnishings. To match them, furniture made of precious wood, classic wooden parquet and other furnishings that will well emphasize the well-being of the owners of the house.

It is also important that natural wood products are environmentally friendly and suitable for any room. The range of colors of the slats varies from white to wenge (almost black woods). Therefore, often their color is matched to the shade of the furniture in the room.

Wooden blinds can be installed:

  1. In the children's room. This will provide your children with environmental safety and add coziness to the room.
  2. In the office. Here they emphasize severity and create a business style.
  3. In the living room. They will add luxury and bring a touch of elegance to the interior.
  4. In the bedroom. They will give peace and serenity.

When it comes to kitchen interiors, bamboo blinds are perfect. Like wood, it is a natural material that is lightweight and has a beautiful texture. They are easier to maintain, also environmentally friendly and very durable. Bamboo blinds give the interiors a unique style and natural atmosphere.

Wood Venetian Blinds

Comparing natural wood blinds with aluminum blinds, they have a number of advantages:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • a variety of textures and shades allows you to choose products to match the color of the furniture;
  • fit well into the interiors of country houses;
  • can be used not only as protection and decor for windows, but also suitable for decorating doorways and niches;
  • Pairs well with traditional curtains in a classic style.

How to order natural wood blinds?

The first online factory of sun protection systems in Ukraine, Pro Shto, offers wooden blinds with a lamella width of 50 mm. Now there is no need to call the measurer and wait for him. It is enough to enter the measurements of your window into a convenient online calculator, choose a method for controlling the system and decide on the package.

As for the control, it can be placed on the right or left, depending on the specifics of the window location and ease of use.

Settings can also be of two types. The first is a string, and the second is a ribbon ladder. The latter is able to create a unique design and allows you to choose a color that will contrast with the color of the slats. In addition, the braid gives strength to products.

When choosing wood blinds, consider the type of sashes. For deaf structures, lower fixation is recommended, and for opening doors - a string (tension cable), which protects the lamellas from sagging.

Order wooden blinds and implement bold interior design ideas with them.

Wooden blinds 50mm  Bamboo blinds 50mm

Modern and stylish look of 50mm blinds. Fauxwood material (artificial tree) is made of vinyl polymers. This material is resistant to air humidity and temperature changes, which prevents the deformation of the lamellae. The vinyl polymer contains a UVA inhibitor that prevents yellowing. Fauxwood blinds do not absorb odors and can be washed under running water using soapy water. All of these properties make Fauxwood blinds suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and pools. The collection is presented in monochrome colors with a lamella width of 50 mm. The maximum width of the lamella is 2700 mm.

natural wood

Paulownia Tropical Wood Blinds have a beautiful, pronounced texture. The wood of this tree is unique in its characteristics. It is almost 4 times lighter than oak wood and half as light as pine, which allows you to produce large-sized products on manual control. This type of wood contains a very low resin content (up to 12%), is difficult to absorb water and moisture, does not swell and has a high degree of shape retention. It is not subject to deformation at temperature drops. All these qualities make it possible to recommend the installation of Paulownia wooden blinds in wet areas. The collection is presented in two natural colors only with a lamella width of 50 mm and a maximum lamella width of 2400 mm.

natural wood blinds

Our collection of wooden and bamboo slats has more than 30 different shades and is one of the largest on the Ukrainian market. The width of the slats is presented in sizes: 25mm and 50mm. Basswood wooden blinds are made from natural Canadian Linden wood. The collection of wooden lamellas is presented in sizes 25 mm and 50 mm. The maximum width of the lamella is 2400 mm. Bamboo blinds are made from pressed bamboo slats. Bamboo lamellas have a very beautiful and unique texture. The blades are very thin and light. The color palette of bamboo slats has 11 shades. The maximum possible width of the slats is 1800 mm.


  • The unique properties of wood, its warm natural colors make blinds a practical and fashionable detail of any interior.
  • Jalousies made of wood can be used both in the living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, and in a country house, everywhere they give the room elegance and emphasize the impeccable taste and sense of style of the owner.Jalousies made of wood and bamboo are not recommended to be installed in wet rooms and near radiators. The surface of the slats should be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp flannel cloth.

The color scheme of ladders and cords

white beige mocca terra brown
wenge black gade light

Blinds "Classic" 50 mm

Blinds are designed to cover large openings. Made on a steel cornice, which allows it to be automated if necessary.
The control mechanism is corded, separate and spaced on both sides of the cornice. If necessary, you can make a product with lifting and turning cords on one side.

valance with sidewalls normal ladder ribbon ladder
bottom fix fixation on string

Blinds"Retro" 50mm

These blinds have a retro style system. The slats are mounted on a wide wooden cornice and are controlled by a lifting and turning mechanism. All
elements of the mechanism are open and finished in antique bronze color. Decorative valance in this system is not provided. The whole charm of these blinds
is precisely in the details of antiquity. Products can be assembled on a regular ladder and ribbon. Lamellas can be made of wood and bamboo.

The system is designed for installation outside and inside openings. All control cords are located on one side.
control mechanism

25%; height: 18px;" rowspan="2"> 

bottom fixation

Blinds "Classic" 25 mm

Blinds are designed to fit over window sashes and cover small openings. They are made on a reinforced steel eaves 19*25, the control mechanism is separate. The slats are turned with a wooden cane, and lifting with the help of screws. As a standard, the mechanism is located on one side, but if necessary and the width of the product is small, the parts of the mechanism will be spaced apart on different sides of the cornice.


Technical specifications for wood, bamboo and PVC blinds

Blinds Options BASSWOOD wood 25 mm Bamboo BAMBOO 25 mm BASSWOOD wood 50 mm PAULOWNIA wood 50 mm Bamboo BAMBOO 50 mm PVC FAUX WOOD 50 mm
Max. possible product width 2400 1800 2400 2400 2400 2650
Max. possible product height 2500 2500 3000 3000 3000 3000
Max. product area 4 кв.м. 4 кв.м. 6 кв.м. 6 кв.м. 6 кв.м. 6 кв.м.
Approximate product weight 1000*1000 mm/kg 1,75 1,5 3,4 3,05 2,8 4,2
Blinds 50 mm with an area of more than 2.5 sq.m are recommended to be equipped with automation
A1 (mm) curtain rod height 25 25 51 51 51 51
A2 (mm) valence height 33 33 63 63 63 63
H1 (mm) curtain rod width 24 24 58 58 58 58
H2 (mm) width of cornice with valance 46 46 71 71 71 73
C (mm) bottom rail height 13 13 15 15 15 16
H (mm) the height of the stack of lamellas in the assembled state per 1 meter of the height of the product
-on a regular ladder 120 110 90 90 80 90
- on the rope ladder 160 145 120 120 110 120
Possibility of use in damp rooms       **   ***


When measuring, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of wooden blinds - the height of the assembled slats. So that in the future there will be no difficulty with opening the window or individual shutters. For the manufacture of 50 mm blinds, a metal cornice is used in white, beige, gray and brown colors. From above, the cornice is decorated with a valance in the color of the lamellas. As a standard, products are made on a ladder to match the lamellas.

Due to the fact that wooden blinds are made from natural materials, there may be slight deviations in the color and shape of the slats in the products, which cannot be a reason for complaints. The presence of small knots, annual rings and marbling of the structure indicates the naturalness of the material and is also not a marriage. Wood and bamboo are subjected to complex technological processes of sawing, pressing, drying, sanding and varnishing. Decorative valance, control sticks and bells may also vary in shade and have slight curvature. We can find examples of the structure of wood in the furniture around us, parquet, musical instruments and other wood products. This emphasizes their unique look and sophistication. Wooden blinds are an expensive, individual piece of furniture and their structure cannot look uniform like plastic.




Lamel deformation tolerances
Lamel twist
Lamel ends are not parallel to each other
. The A value should not exceed
1mm/mp for 25mm wide lamellas, and
2mm/mp for 50mm wide lamellas.
Lamel bend in
horizontal plane
The B value must not exceed
2.5mm/mp. The direction of bending of the lamellas in the
product must be the same.
Raise the center of the lamella above the
plane. The value of C should not
exceed 2.5mm/mp.

It should be remembered that products made from natural materials are not recommended for installation in rooms with high humidity and sudden temperature changes. Also, products are subject to fading (changing the shade of wood) in the bright sun. Claims of this nature are not considered.

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