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Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds

Have new windows installed, but bright light interferes with your work and relaxation? Aluminum blinds are the optimal and inexpensive option for protecting your home from the scorching sun and prying eyes. They are easy to use and versatile, and their low cost is almost the key argument for purchase.

Aluminum blinds: description

Horizontal blinds made of aluminum  are installed on the window opening and are equipped with a mechanism with which you can adjust the level of light. They consist of separate plates connected to each other by a thread into one system. By twisting the cane, the slats change their angle and thereby let in more or less light. Raising and lowering occurs using a cord, and the slats are assembled at a certain level of the glass unit.

All slats rotate simultaneously thanks to the “ladder” system. Therefore, the light flux depends on the current location of the plates. It can be directed to both the ceiling and the floor.

Aluminum blinds for plastic windows: materials

For the manufacture of lamellas, aluminum is used, which is treated with a special polymer coating. It can be of any color and shade, and you can easily choose an option that will look harmonious in the interior. The coating protects the plates from external influences and makes it easy to care for the structure.

Horizontal aluminum blinds are very light, so they do not create a load on the windows. They are mounted in the upper part of the window opening, usually on the frame.

By choosing aluminum blinds for plastic or wooden frames, you can allow yourself to experiment not only with colors, but also with textures. They can be glossy, perforated, and even velvety to the touch. This allows you to choose a design that fits perfectly into any interior and style. Recently, color transitions from light to dark shades on one window have become especially popular.

Modern technologies make it possible to give aluminum plates imitations of natural materials - wood or stone.

As for caring for horizontal blinds, it is enough to periodically clean them from dust using a vacuum cleaner and wipe them with a damp cloth. It is better not to use products with a high alkali content for washing them, so as not to discolor the coating.

Advantages of aluminum blinds

At the beginning of their appearance, aluminum blinds had one drawback, namely, over time, the slats became deformed and began to sag. But with the use of durable alloys, this problem was avoided, which made it possible to use blinds even on wide window openings. And if one or more lamellas fail, they can be easily replaced.

Aluminum blinds have a number of advantages:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • resistance to temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation and moisture;
  • high

strength and low weight;

  • resistance to corrosion and biological destruction;
  • Easy to install and manage.
  • The systems are also versatile. They are equally suitable for home and will add coziness, as well as for offices, giving the premises rigor and conciseness.

    Where to buy aluminum blinds

    Ukraine's first online factory of sun protection systems, Pro-Shto, offers to choose and order aluminum blinds for home, office and public spaces.

    The convenient online calculator on our website allows you to easily calculate the price of finished products for any windows and balconies. You simply enter the parameters of your windows, choose the color and texture of the coating, and then our craftsmen carry out your order.

    We use only high-quality components and fittings, which guarantees the durability and high aesthetics of the blinds.

    Horizontal  aluminum blinds from the Pro-Shto company are universal and inexpensive protection from scorching sun rays and prying glances of neighbors for many years.

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