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Vertical blinds 127mm
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Vertical blinds are the ideal solution to protect a large number of light openings, such as office premises or schools, corridors and other institutions. Vertical blinds set:

  • Cornice: aluminum LUX;
  • Runners;
  • Fabric slats: 127mm;
  • bottom chain;
  • Loads of slats;
  • Hangers (hangers) of slats;
  • control mechanism;
  • Management: chain + cord;
  • Type of control: Т1, Т2, Т3, Т4, Т8 - depends on the type of control in which direction the slats will move when the blinds are controlled;
  • Mounting: clip (ceiling) or bracket (wall).
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User Reviews:

Vertical blinds 127mm

Owners of large windows are wondering how to decorate them beautifully and at the same time functionally and protect the premises from light. Vertical blinds with a lamella width of 127 mm come to their aid.

Vertical blinds 127mm description

This type of sun protection is a real find for those who want to get a normal level of daylight and at the same time hide their home from prying eyes.

Vertical blinds look especially good in the interiors of offices, educational, medical and other institutions. They are also suitable for residential premises - bedrooms, living rooms and even children's rooms. Due to the fact that vertical blinds are attached in different ways, they can be combined with fabric roller blinds, horizontal blinds, as well as traditional curtains and tulle.

For the manufacture of vertical blinds, the fabric for the slats is impregnated with special compounds that give the products an antistatic effect, resistance to moisture and odor absorption, and also simplify their care.

Vertical Blinds

The slats in the blinds are tied together with a special chain. For their correct tension, they are equipped with special weights, which are placed in the pocket of each tape.

All slats are attached to the same cornice. And on it they can rotate around their axis or along it. Sets the control mechanism in motion.

Vertical blinds are easy to operate. To adjust the luminous flux, it is necessary to turn the slats and fix them at a certain angle. This is done with a chain. With the help of a cable, the slats are moved apart to the sides or to one of them.Vertical blinds 127mm in Ukraine


blinds with 127 mm slats can be fixed in different ways:

  • to the ceiling with a clip;
  • on the wall with brackets.

How to choose 127mm vertical blinds

When choosing sun protection for vertical blinds, pay attention to fabric texture, color, and density. After all, it is very important that the window decor is combined with the overall style of the interior.

The heaviest fabrics are best suited for rooms that need complete blackout - bedrooms, projector rooms, etc. Lighter textures are suitable for classrooms, living spaces, loggias and verandas.

Vertical blinds with a slat width of 127 mm allow you to solve a number of problems:

  • will protect the house well from prying eyes;
  • allows you to easily adjust the level of lighting;
  • beautifies the space with a variety of textures, colors and patterns.

This type of blind is well suited for high humidity areas such as bathtubs, pools and kitchens.

Where to buy vertical blinds 127mm

The first online solar system factory in Ukraine offers custom-made vertical blinds. In order to place an order, it is enough to enter the parameters of your window, select the type of fastening and control. To meet the needs of each client, we offer a wide range of colors and textures for slats. They can be of any color, smooth or textured.

You will receive finished products by courier delivery to anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time and you will be able to enjoy original and high-quality products for many years.