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Roller blinds Day-Night Mini Besta
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The MINI BESTA day/night system is designed for free-hanging roller blinds with day/night fabric. The system is equipped with self-locking mechanisms. which are mounted on a pipe ø17 mm. This is a practical and reliable system with various attachment options, for fixed and open sashes, as well as for window openings.

  • Maximum width: 1400mm;
  • Maximum height: 2000mm;
  • Hardware color: white, brown, golden oak;
  • System type: open;
  • Guides: no;
  • Control mechanism: chain;
  • Control side: left/right;
  • Fixation type: string.
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User Reviews:

Roller blinds Day-Night Mini Besta

Welcome to the unique world of "Day-Night" curtains of the open type on the Besta Mini system! Are you looking for the perfect way to make your windows more functional, elegant and comfortable? Look no further - our curtains open up endless possibilities for privacy, lighting control and interior coziness.

Why us?

  1. In-house production: Thanks to our in-house production, we guarantee that every detail of your new Day-Night curtain is made with the utmost care and professionalism. Our craftsmen have the most modern technology and skills to create a product that will serve you for many years.
  2. Quality without compromises: Day-Night curtains of the open type are a combination of aesthetics and functionality. They consist of two layers of fabric that are easily moved relative to each other, allowing you to adjust the lighting and privacy according to your wishes.

How does it work? When you want maximum light penetration, the canvas layers are in an open position, creating the effect of a light and airy atmosphere. If you need to reduce lighting or provide more privacy, you can conveniently close the curtains, aligning their layers and blocking the light.

  1. Elegant design: Our range includes a variety of designs and colors that will easily complement any interior style.

Whether you choose classic elegance, modern minimalism or modern sophistication - we have the right option for you.

  • Easy to install and use: Our Besta Mini system is designed with your convenience in mind. Easy installation will allow you to quickly enjoy your new curtains. Using such a system is intuitive: simply pull the chain to adjust the desired height and light level.
  • Trust and satisfied customers: "Day-Night" curtains of the open type are very popular among our customers. Their satisfied feedback and recommendations testify to the reliability and efficiency of the finished products.
  • Ordering online: Don't waste time - now is the moment when you can order "Day-Night" curtains of the open type on the Besta Mini system online. Just choose a design, size and color, add to cart and checkout in just a few steps.

    Conclusion: When you choose Day-Night open curtains on the Besta Mini system, you get more than just a window covering, but a real improvement to your space. Provide yourself with comfort, style and functionality with our curtains, which combine the best production technologies, unique design and ease of use. Let your windows speak about your taste and desire for comfort!