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Besta mini open type roller blind
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The MINI BESTA system is designed for free-hanging roller shutters. The system has two types of self-braking mechanisms that are mounted on a ø17 mm pipe. This is an extremely simple, practical and reliable system with various attachment options.

  • Maximum width: 1600mm;
  • Maximum height: 2500mm;
  • Hardware color: white, brown, golden oak;
  • System type: open;
  • Guides: no;
  • Control mechanism: chain;
  • Control side: left/right;
  • Fixation type: string, magnets.
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User Reviews:

Besta mini open type roller blind

Mini Besta Roller Blinds: Simplicity and Style

Meet elegance and functionality with Mini Besta roller blinds. This budget system offers the perfect balance between quality and affordability. With high-quality plastic components, polyester fabric and aluminum reinforcements, Mini Besta roller blinds are designed for ease of installation and functionality. Don't waste time on complicated designs - choose Mini Besta for simplicity and elegance.

Application of Mini Besta roller blinds

We recommend installing Mini Besta roller blinds on window sashes. In the case of large window openings, we also offer Standart25 or Standart35 systems for an optimal solution. You have the opportunity to create unique curtains with the help of our visualizer, which guarantees an individual approach to each client.

Fixing for Mini Besta roller blinds

The Mini Besta system is supplemented with fasteners that allow you to hold the fabric on the folding windows or in a certain position. Two fixing kits are available:

  • Struna set: a special line with a tensioner, which allows the curtain to move smoothly

and remain stable even with gusts of wind or open windows.

  • Magnet set: two neodymium magnets fix the fabric in the lower position, providing effective blackout. This option is ideal for stable window structures.
  • Pro-Shto TM products meet high quality standards and are ready for use without additional installation services.

    Advantages of Mini Besta roller blinds:

    • Effective protection from the sun and prying eyes.
    • Reduction of room heating, which helps reduce air conditioning costs.
    • BlackOut fabric provides total blackout, ideal for projector rooms, children's bedrooms, etc.
    • Protection of furniture and interior from burning and damage.
    • Providing natural daylight behind thanks for your interest the application of Mini Besta roller blinds.
    • Resistance to dust and glare, suitable for all rooms.
    • Harmonious combination with curtains and curtains.

    Choose quality and style with Mini Besta roller blinds. Order them easily and conveniently from the Pro-Shto online factory. Our unique solutions have no intermediaries and are provided at the best prices on the market. Do not miss the opportunity to decorate your window according to your style and needs.

    Buy Mini Besta roller blinds  rolling curtains Mini Besta

    All TM "Pro-Shto" products meet the highest quality standards, are ready for use and do not require additional installation services.