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Roller blinds Day-Night closed type (flat)
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Closed day-night curtain Besta UNI. Supplied with a protective aluminum box and flat side guides. Used for installation on opening and fixed doors. For installation, the required bead depth is 15mm.

Maximum width: 1300mm;
Maximum height: 2800mm;
Fittings color: white, brown, golden oak, walnut, mahogany;
System type: closed (cassette);
Guides: flat;
Control mechanism: chain;
Control side: left/right;
Fixation type: not required.

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User Reviews:

Roller blinds Day-Night closed type (flat)

The UNI system is a modern closed system for roller blinds. It differs from traditional roll structures by the presence of a closed box with plugs and a mechanism for two aluminum guides.

The use of day-night fabrics in such a system makes sun protection even more functional and aesthetically attractive. Stripes of alternating thick and transparent fabrics create several different effects. This way you can achieve complete darkness, or create a slight twilight by scrolling and overlaying the stripes on top of each other.

Day-Night closed roller blinds: device and installation

Day-night cassette roller blinds are attached directly to the window sashes, and this allows them to fit tightly to the double-glazed window and side rails. The entire structure of the box and guides, as a rule, is made in the same color scheme, and its color is matched to the color of the window frame.

Due to the fact that cassette curtains do not obstruct access to the window sill, they are becoming even more popular and in demand in both home and office interiors.

The cassette system of roller blinds is versatile and suitable for any type of window, both plastic and wooden. The guides are placed in such a way that they protect the leaves from sagging and at the same time allow you to open the doors in different ways.

Cassette roller blinds go well with traditional curtain options - drapes, curtains and lambrequins. Owners of spacious rooms with high ceilings can afford this method of combining window decor. In small rooms, UNI roller blinds will become an important accent and will not be “stolen.” not a single centimeter in the window sill area.

Features and advantages of closed roller blinds

Cassette-type roller blinds in combination with canvases called “day-night” or “Zebra” have a number of advantages compared to other solar protection systems for windows.


  • Due to the presence of a box in which the canvas is hidden when the curtains are raised, its safety is ensured, which means its service life is extended.
  • Cassette curtains can be additionally equipped with an automatic control system, which allows you to adjust the light level using one button. This method is suitable for windows whose access is slightly limited.
  • U-shaped guides ensure complete adherence to the glass unit, thereby reliably protecting the room from sunlight. And opening for ventilation does not cause any difficulties or inconveniences in the form of sagging.
  • Thanks to the box, UNI roller blinds have a more neat and aesthetic appearance, and the correct choice of system color and fabric for it will make your interior very harmonious and complete.
  • Buy roller blinds “day-night”

    Ukraine’s first online factory of sun protection systems offers cassette roller blinds with “Zebra” fabric. When choosing and ordering a structure, you need to specify the window measurements in a convenient online calculator, select the type of fastening of the structure and the side where the controls will be placed. To avoid inaccuracies when taking measurements and installation, please note that the panels are located between the glazing beads.

    As for the color of the system, in our online store it is available in several options: white, brown, golden oak, walnut, mahogany . In the production process we use high-quality components from the well-known European company Besta. And this guarantees the durability of the finished roller shutters and their impeccable appearance.

    day night UNI cassette system