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Fabric roller blinds Besta Standart 35 (metal fastening)
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The Standart 35 open-type roller shutter system is designed for installation on walls or ceilings for all types of fabrics. Used for wide window openings in shopping centers or other rooms with a wide light opening.

Maximum width: 2800mm;
Maximum height: 4000mm;
Accessories color: white, brown;
System type: open;
Guides: no;
Control mechanism: chain;
Control side: left/right;
Fixation type: string, magnets.

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Fabric roller blinds Besta Standart 35 (metal fastening)

Standard 35 fabric roller blind system

Modern architectural solutions for large rooms involve many glazed surfaces. In general, this has a positive effect on the illumination of the room, but with large volumes of window openings several difficulties arise. In summer, the room gets very hot and requires the installation of sun protection systems. The facades of shopping and entertainment centers, office premises and other large buildings require the installation of curtains on large openings. The Standart 35 system was developed especially for such cases. This is a reinforced system that is designed for the use of both standard fabrics for roller blinds and specific black-out and screen solutions. These types of fabrics have an impressive own weight and, when installed on large openings, significantly load the system mechanism, which eventually disables it. To prevent this from happening, we suggest using the Standart 35 system.

There are special requirements for the reliability of the design of large fabric roller blinds. Therefore, only high-quality and reliable components from European manufacturers are used for their production. To prevent the roller blind from bending due to its large width, a large diameter shaft is used. To produce roller blinds whose width exceeds 200 cm and height - 180 cm, special fabrics are used whose roll width is larger than the standard one.

Installation of roller blinds Standard 35

You can easily install these curtains in the window opening or above it; it is better and more convenient when they are installed on each window sash. They also look impressive in the doorway. They go well with curtains and curtains.
At your discretion, you can change the length of the curtains, protecting the apartment from prying eyes or opening the way to the sun's rays.

When choosing roller blinds from the catalog for the kitchen, nursery, living room or office, you get real

pleasure, since hundreds of models of a wide variety of shapes and colors appear before you You are like masterpieces from an art gallery, and within a few days the model you ordered will be admired by your guests.

Very often, when ordering roller blinds for a private home, loggia or home theater, the consumer is faced with the problem of size restrictions, the standard height and width of the curtain is 1.95, everything that is more considered a non-standard product of fabric roller blinds. As you know, in any industry, working with non-standard products is the job of professionals; for such products it is very important to select units so that their coherence is calculated with mathematical accuracy. For example, if you want to order a roller blind for an opening of 3.00 by 3.00 and the fabric for roller blinds will be attached to a shaft with a diameter of 25 mm, normal operation will not occur immediately after installation.

Roller blinds Standard 35 are more advanced and reliable roller blinds, suitable for both small and medium-sized products and larger ones (recommended width up to 3 m, height up to 3 m). The shaft is enlarged, the mechanism is also strengthened, which allows you to open and close the product almost 25% faster (than on the Standard 25 system). The brackets are also more reliable - steel with plastic decorative covers; they are able to withstand increased weight. The standard 35 system is equipped with an external lower bar or a sewn-in weighting material.

Details of the Standard 35 system:

  • system freely suspended on metal brackets, pipe diameter 35 mm;
  • for covering large surfaces, projection screens, large roller blinds;
  • control methods: mechanism with the ability to stop in any position without the need to lock the chain and with a spring mechanism with a built-in brake, if necessary, an electric drive can be used;
  • mounting to the wall or ceiling.

Roller blinds standard 35  ;fabric roller blinds standard 35