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Closed roller blinds Besta UNI (flat)
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Closed roller blind Besta UNI with flat rails. It is intended for installation only on blind and open window sashes, for installation it is necessary to have glazing beads with a height of at least 15 mm, this is due to the fact that the shaft with the fabric is partially located between the glazing beads, therefore this system cannot be installed on a flat surface without the necessary recesses.

  • Maximum width: 1350mm;
  • Maximum height: 3000mm;
  • Hardware color: white, brown, golden oak, walnut, mahogany;
  • System type: closed (cassette);
  • Guides: flat;
  • Control mechanism: chain;
  • Control side: left/right;
  • Fixation type: not required.
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Closed roller blinds Besta UNI (flat)

The essence of closed roller blinds

The UNI system belongs to the "closed" systems. This means that all mechanisms and parts of the system are hidden in an aluminum box. The box and guides are made of high-quality aluminum, which does not deform or lose color under the influence of temperature changes. Color choices include white, brown, golden oak (extra charge), mahogany (extra charge), walnut (extra charge). Any system and fabric color can be combined to create an individual design. Stylish shapes and concise design fit perfectly into any interior, from modern to classic. The system can be installed on different types of windows, but the depth of the studs must be at least 15 mm. One of the features of the UNI system is its installation method - in the hole between the studs. Flat guides are mounted on top of the blocks, which allows you to control the light and effectively block illumination in the room.

The main advantages of closed systems

align="justify">Cassette roller blinds of this series are fixed with the help of guides regardless of the position of the sash. They are always located parallel to the glass, which provides uniform protection from light. Blackout fabric provides complete darkening of the room at any time of the day. Installation of cassette roller blinds is a quick process. We recommend using self-tapping screws for installation. Cassette roller blinds reliably protect against ultraviolet radiation and provide protection for furniture and plants. They occupy the minimum possible area of the windowsill, leaving it free for use. Cassette roller blinds close completely to create complete darkness, ideal for photo studios and cinemas. They help maintain a comfortable temperature and save on heating and air conditioning. Cassette roller blinds model (UNI) - a choice for any room, from home to office. They are undemanding in care and have a long service life.

All TM "Pro-Shto" products are subject to testing for compliance with quality standards and can be installed without the help of installation crews.

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