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Day-night curtains Besta Standart 25 (metal fastening)
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The Standart 25 day-night system is designed for free-hanging roller blinds on a ø24mm pipe, intended for installation on a wall or ceiling. The system uses a modern mechanism with high locking force and a chain drive. The day-night system standard 25 is equipped with a set of metal brackets that make installation possible in all planes with horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Maximum width: 1800mm;
Maximum height: 3800mm;
Accessories color: white, brown;
System type: open;
Guides: no;
Control mechanism: chain;
Control side: left/right;
Fixation type: string.

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Day-night curtains Besta Standart 25 (metal fastening)

Blinds day night Standard 25

The Standard 25 day-night system is a reinforced version of the “day-night mini” system and is primarily intended for installation on an opening or on non-standard wide windows or balcony partitions. Thanks to reinforced mechanisms and metal brackets with a large shaft offset, this system allows you to place more fabric on it, and accordingly increase the maximum permissible height of the product. Also, the Standart25 system uses an aluminum shaft to hold fabric with a diameter of 25mm, which can withstand heavy loads and does not bend even when using thick blackout fabrics*. The entire system is assembled on an aluminum profile with stiffening ribs, which is attached to metal latches. In total, the entire design is made to increase reliability and increase the service life of the product. This system allows you to use the entire range of day/night fabrics on openings up to 1800mm wide and 4210mm high (the maximum permissible height of the product may vary depending on the fabric you choose). If the fabric you have chosen does not allow you to order a product of the height you need, we recommend switching to the Standard 35 system. *blackout - rubberized fabrics with a 100% darkening effect on dark stripes, or multilayer fabrics with complex weaving, which also provide zero light penetration.

Design of fabric roller blinds DAY-NIGHT

The main element of such a roller blind – double fabric consisting of alternating translucent and dense stripes. Using a chain control system, you can move the curtain panels relative to each other and combine dense and light stripes in any ratio, achieving the required illumination.
If it is necessary to provide 100% illumination, the curtain fabric is completely raised. In this case, the fabric is wound on a special shaft installed above the window.
Roller blinds DAY-NIGHT standard are made individually to the size of each window. This ensures the

accuracy of their subsequent work, maximum functionality and ease of use.

A unique decorative component
For today, curtains are Day — Night fits perfectly into the interior of the room, and horizontal straight lines create the impression of expanding the space of the room, which harmoniously combines with your interior items. Blinds Day – The night will create coziness and comfort of the room.

Selecting a pattern
On the surface of the fabric rolls Day — Night can be arranged in any type of pattern, the color is chosen individually for each client. You can vary the color schemes to suit your interior design.

After purchasing Zebra roller blinds, you no longer need to buy tulle or curtains, since Day blinds — Night is replaced by their functions. In addition, washing curtains is not necessary at all, since they repel dust due to impregnation with a special polyester solution. All that is required — clean with a dry brush or wipe with a damp cloth.

How to decorate a children's room
It doesn’t matter what age your child is, curtains Day – Night will fit perfectly into the interior of the baby’s room. The product is safe and this is perhaps the most important advantage of fabric roller blinds. When taking care of your child's health, know that he is surrounded by environmentally friendly materials.

Fabric roller blinds Day Night – This is an ultra-modern, unique and uniquely beautiful window design in any room. This system appeared on the sales market relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among a large group of the population. Day Night curtains are perfect for both office windows and home use. You can hide from the sun or, conversely, let a stream of light into the room.

You can buy day-night roller blinds at a low price using the online calculator on our website, or by contacting our contact numbers. Our specialists will provide detailed information on all types of systems presented on the website and will help you place an order over the phone.

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