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Curtain Day-Night Bamar 27
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The closed day-night system Bamar 27 is designed for wide openings using day-night fabric (zebra). The curtain is equipped with self-locking mechanisms. This is a practical and reliable system that has various mounting options, on a window opening and also on a wall. The product comes without guides as standard, but they can be added to provide maximum shade and additional support.

Maximum width: 1500mm;
Maximum height: 2000mm;
Accessories color: white;
System type: closed (cassette);
Guides: yes;
Control mechanism: chain;
Control side: left/right;
Fixation type: guides.

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Curtain Day-Night Bamar 27

Closed curtains have design features relative to other types of roller blinds. The main difference is the presence of a plastic or aluminum box that covers the fabric and mechanisms and also performs a protective function for the fabric. This design allows you to install curtains in the kitchen or in rooms with an increased chance of fabric contamination. The Bamar 27 system is specially designed for installation on wide window openings using 100% of the range of fabrics. Let us clarify that some of the fabrics for roller blinds have a functional purpose and in most cases are additionally coated with various impregnations or have a rubberized base; such fabrics increase the maximum weight of the structure and cannot be installed on all types of systems (depending on the size of the curtain). If it is necessary to close a panoramic window or showcase using cassette roller blinds, the Bamar 27 system is ideal; this system is equipped with reinforced mechanisms and a shaft of increased diameter, which in turn allows you to install even blackout fabric with 100% blackout on fairly wide openings. Like all closed and open systems, Bamar 27 is equipped with a self-locking chain control mechanism, which is installed on the right or left side of the product. Thanks to the possibility of fixation, such a mechanism holds the fabric at a given height and allows you to easily control the light flux. Bamar cassette roller blinds, unlike Besta systems, are not equipped with guides by default. But guides can be ordered additionally when placing an order. Aluminum guides are a U-shaped profile that is installed on the window sash; the fabric moves inside this profile. The guide performs several functions at once, it closes the side gaps of the fabric, which is very convenient when it is necessary to completely darken the room, the guides also hold the fabric in the plane of the window and do not allow it to sag on the opening sashes, this is a convenient function when installing windows for

ventilation. Also, if necessary, the guides can be installed on the wall; they are glued to 2-sided foam tape and can be fixed to any flat surface. An additional use of roller blinds is space zoning; for example, when installing the system on the ceiling, you can lower the curtain, thereby creating a separate visual zone. Closed roller blinds are well suited to various types of interiors; thanks to their compact appearance and the absence of open parts, the system looks laconic on plastic windows, but installation on other doors, including wooden and aluminum ones, is also possible. In order to order curtains in a closed system, first decide what type of installation will be: on the doors, on the wall or on the ceiling; depending on the installation option, you will need to take appropriate measurements to determine the cost. If you are ready to measure the windows yourself, use the appropriate measuring instructions on our website. If you need to call a specialist, go to the “contacts” page and call any of the listed phone numbers, either a branch in your city or the main office for a full consultation. To calculate the cost of a product, use the online calculator on the website; it will automatically limit the maximum width and height of the product, and also immediately provide the current price for any type of curtains. Also, the Bamar 27 system is ideal for use with day-night fabrics, since in day-night systems the fabric comes in two layers; for installation on high windows, a large box is required to place the fabric when the curtains are completely open. Day-night fabric (zebra) is a continuous fabric with alternating horizontal fabric stripes and transparent tulle; thanks to this combination, day-night systems have the ability to precisely adjust the light flux when installing the curtains in different positions.