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Bamboo curtains Premium (roll assembly)
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Бамбуковое полотно
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The premium series is distinguished by an abundance of natural materials without the use of aluminum and other metals. This is the most environmentally friendly product made from a combination of wood, bamboo and plastic. Bamboo curtains are of the roller type as they roll up into a neat roll when opened. There is also a similar option with a Roman pleat opening.

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Bamboo curtains Premium (roll assembly)

Bamboo roller blinds (PREMIUM)

Today, bamboo curtains have returned thanks to the fashion for everything natural. They solve several problems at once – They cover the windows from prying eyes and the sun, complement the interior and allow you to maintain an environmentally friendly atmosphere in the house.

Bamboo grows extremely quickly and requires almost no human effort to grow. Its shoots are very plastic when young. This is why so many products are made from bamboo – usually it is split into fibers and made into wicker items – mats, rugs, napkins.

There is another technology when the fibers are pressed and thin, even plates are obtained. They are connected to each other with a thread and a beautiful and durable fabric for bamboo curtains is obtained. It happens that thin bamboo fibers are used instead of threads.

According to the type of mechanism, bamboo curtains – the same roller or roller blinds. They are collected on a cord and twisted upward into a roll. There is a special stop on the cord that allows you to raise the curtain to different heights, as well as secure it in the raised position at the top.

Bamboo curtains come in horizontal and vertical types. Horizontal ones are most often installed on windows – directly onto the glass itself. Vertical – nothing more than curtains, which are usually used to zone space. Pieces of bamboo stems are strung on cords like beads – The result is light curtains that barely block out the light, but slightly separate the rooms from each other. They are appropriate to use both at home and in institutions – for example, in saunas or spas.

For those who don’t like the roll-up design, we created bamboo blinds. These are ordinary horizontal blinds, in which the strips (slats) are made not of metal or plastic, but of natural material.

How to care?
Decorative and functional bamboo curtains do

not require special care. They need to be dusted off periodically with a dry cloth. A “pipidastr”, a multi-colored, shaggy long brush from the 90s for brushing away dust, is perfect. You can wipe them with a damp cloth, but it is better not to wet them again.

To ensure the long life of your curtains, use the lifting mechanism carefully, do not pull it too hard or make sudden movements. Cords tend to fray and get tangled.

Features of bamboo curtains

The decision to install bamboo curtains on windows requires an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages. We offer bamboo roller blinds, the advantages of which are:

  • presentable exterior appearance, capable of decorating both living rooms and office spaces;
  • durability of operation, leading to darkening of the original shade, which will add charm to the product, a certain mystery and rarity;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • easy care;
  • light weight, facilitating installation on drywall;
  • compactness, which leads to minimal parameters when folded; 
  • resistance to UV rays is characteristic of plants from the tropics, which in tandem with a protective coating ensures the preservation of the rich natural shades of the canvas;
  • natural resistance to moisture, which increases after additional processing, which allows you to install curtains on balconies, loggias, bathrooms, pools, winter gardens, kitchens 
  • anti-static ensures the neatness of the braids, dust repellency, which makes it possible to install in a children's room, bedroom, living room, library;
  • air permeability due to porosity – the reason why the canvases are left down regardless of weather conditions and time of day.

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