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Pleated COSIMO
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The COSIMO pleated system is designed for installation on any type of window, plastic, wood, aluminum. The system is fixed at the top and remains hanging freely; if necessary, it can be equipped with additional clamps. This is an extremely simple, practical and reliable system with various mounting options. Pleated panels are installed on the sash, on the opening, inside the opening or on the ceiling.

Maximum width: 2100mm;
Maximum height: 2500mm;
Accessories color: white, brown, anthracite;
System type: open;
Guides: yes/no;
Control mechanism: rope, chain or using a leash manually;
Control side: left/right;
Type of fixation: tension, free-hanging, fixed.

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Pleated COSIMO

Pleated curtains are a stylish alternative to conventional blinds - they are made of polyester fabric. Thanks to the ease of folding, the fabrics and ease of use can decorate a window of any size and shape - small, standard, round, beveled. Pleated curtains are effective for sun protection because they darken a significant portion of the window. Pleated curtains: varieties and design features Thanks to the variety of colors, finishes, and textures, strict pleated curtains can easily turn into an interesting addition to the interior. Custom pleated curtains can have different sizes and can be attached to a window opening, ceiling or wall. They can be combined with other textiles to add sophistication and style to the room. More and more people in Ukraine are choosing such curtains. You can buy pleated blinds using the services of our online store. Here you will find a wide range of different sun protection systems of excellent quality, budget prices will pleasantly impress you. Various materials and designs of pleated blinds for the kitchen, living room The kitchen usually has a special atmosphere of comfort. It is filled with the smells of food being prepared, so there is often a high percentage of humidity in the air in the room. It is recommended to choose textiles for the kitchen, taking into account the individual characteristics of the room. Any material can be chosen for production. The most affordable option is products made from thick paper. But for the kitchen you should choose models made of polyester or mixed fabrics that are treated with special compounds. This kind of textile is not only resistant to dirt, but also has fire-resistant properties. The best choice for the kitchen space is models that are mounted directly on the windows and are closely adjacent to them. This type of fastening allows you to use all elements of the window structure without any restrictions. For kitchen design, horizontal pleated curtains are traditionally used. But models with a vertical opening/closing direction are not inferior in functionality and have an equally attractive and even sophisticated look. Another plus is that vertical folds

visually make the ceilings higher. Balcony doors near the kitchen also require decoration. They can be decorated with small pleated blinds, covering only the glass part of the window. At first glance, they may seem too laconic in the living room - a room that simply needs to be cozy and comfortable in order to enjoy your free time. In fact, a living room with pleated curtains looks no less cozy than with classic curtains. Curtains for roof windows Dormer windows are widely used in modern architecture in the construction of residential buildings, office and shopping centers. We are convinced that properly designed window designs can turn any room into the highlight of your home. Which room should you choose pleated curtains for? Thanks to their ease of use and simple design, these curtains will suit any room. At home, it is appropriate to decorate the window in the bedroom with them - the curtains will prevent sunlight from entering the house and make it easy to adjust the lighting. They will fit well in the kitchen, because they are made of high-quality materials that do not absorb excess odors and dust. It is also important to buy pleated curtains for office premises, as they have an original and unusual appearance, a simple composition and can be made in any color scheme. Using our services, you can choose the perfect pleated curtains and buy them at the best possible price. Where to place an order Pleated curtains will be the best solution for those clients who have windows of non-standard sizes at home or have roof windows. If you are interested in this window accessory, you can buy pleated curtains in our online store. We work with individual tailoring according to the client’s measurements, so we guarantee high quality products. The price of pleated curtains will depend on the size of the product, complexity of execution, and materials. To find out the estimated cost of tailoring, call the number listed on the website or use a special calculator.