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Bamboo curtains Eco (Roman assembly)
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Бамбуковое полотно
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Roman bamboo curtains on the Eco system are developed using budget components in combination with natural high-quality fabrics. Thanks to this combination, the system is as functional as possible, without open parts of the cornice. When the curtains are opened, the fabric folds into neat folds, similar to Roman blinds.

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Bamboo curtains Eco (Roman assembly)

Beautiful appearance and neat horizontal folds are the hallmark of Roman blinds. And if previously you could see fabric sheets on the windows, now Roman blinds made of jute and bamboo fiber are becoming popular.

Features and benefits

“Rimki” made from natural materials are also called bamboo or wooden curtains of Roman assembly. And making them is a whole art that can give beauty and comfort to your home.

Exquisite “living” curtains, together with a properly thought-out room design, can transform any space. The ability to choose a design and pattern on the canvas and various decorative elements in the form of magnets, clips, ribbons will make the window design truly original.

Roman assembled bamboo curtains have a number of advantages, namely:

  1. Complement the decor and interior elements made of wood and other natural materials.
  2. Able to highlight the original design of the premises.
  3. They are environmentally friendly and safe.
  4. Thanks to special antistatic impregnations, they do not accumulate dust.
  5. Due to their texture, woven fabrics gently diffuse light even when closed.
  6. Reliably protect from direct sunlight, and furniture and textiles in rooms from fading.
  7. Able to ventilate the room well.
  8. Universal and suitable not only for window decoration, but also as partitions for zoning space.

How to choose bamboo Roman blinds

Bamboo “rims” Can be mounted to the ceiling or above a window. Most clients choose the latter installation option. Therefore, when choosing, it is very important to consider the distance between the window and the ceiling. If it is more than 20 cm, then it is better to choose a ceiling mounting option. Rely on the proportionality and aesthetic appearance of bamboo curtains on the windows.

As for the wear

resistance of this natural material, there are nuances. By itself, it is a fairly strong material, but under the influence of gravity it can deform. To prevent the canvas from sagging, choose a small width. For example, if the window is more than 2 meters wide, then it is better to choose several canvases from 60 cm or more. This way you will not only preserve the appearance of the curtains for a long time, but also ensure the integrity of the lifting mechanism.

The color scheme and texture of bamboo curtains may vary. The palette of shades starts from light sand and ends with dark wood colors.

The variety of weaving will create an atmosphere of exotic tropics in the premises. Curtains with a loose weave of jute fibers look ideal in kitchens, terraces and living rooms. But for bedrooms it is better to use more uniform textures.

Buy bamboo Roman blinds

You can select and order ready-made Roman blinds made of natural bamboo from the Pro-shto company. The first online factory of sun protection systems in Ukraine offers a wide selection of ready-made designs at competitive prices.

Just enter your window measurements into a convenient online calculator on the website and place an order for roller blinds. Here you can choose the type of weave, texture, color, as well as the degree of darkening. Our specialists will take all these parameters into account during production and create unique Roman blinds that will decorate any home.

Bamboo curtains Roman assembled ECO bamboo Roman blinds