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Roller type mosquito nets
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The mosquito net is fixed on a special shaft, which ensures the mobility of the structure. To open the mesh, just pull the handle and unwind it onto the window; thanks to this design, maximum convenience and compactness of the product is achieved. If necessary, the mesh can also be easily removed from the window without dismantling the entire structure, which is much more convenient compared to classic versions of frame mesh.

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Roller type mosquito nets

Window and door accessories, which are in great demand among modern consumers, as they perform an important practical function. It also protects the room from dust, street debris, poplar fluff and insects (but at the same time it does not prevent the entry of fresh air and sunlight). This is the purpose of a mosquito net. Roller type mosquito net: design features A roller shutter type mosquito net is installed externally on a window or door frame. Individual design features ensure convenient opening and closing and provide unobstructed access to a window or balcony. The design of the mosquito roller shutter system consists of a guide profile, a rolled mesh, a tension spring, plastic clamps, a horizontal or vertical strip with a handle, and a box. The frame, made of high-quality aluminum, is mounted at the top of the window or door. After winding, the mesh is stored in it. The mechanism inside the box allows you to quickly expand and collapse it. The control system is provided by roller shutter guides, which are attached to the sides of the window opening and allow the mosquito net to move in any direction, lower and fix it at a certain height, and roll it into a box. For improved insulation, brush seals are installed on the guides. The mesh is glass fiber (fiber fiber, fiberglass) of gray color with a hole size of 1 mm. A fixing handle is installed at the bottom of the structure. Additionally, it can be equipped with a brake mechanism, which allows the structure to be rolled up smoothly or partially and does not allow the bottom bar of the rolled mesh to hit at speed if it is accidentally lowered. The mosquito net is attached with screws. Rolled anti-mosquitoes can be stored without removal on a window or doorway during the winter, since the box protects the canvas from the negative effects of the environment and allows you to increase its service life. Types of structures Rolled mosquito nets come in two types according to the type of opening: vertical – opening and closing is performed vertically; horizontal - the movement is performed in the horizontal direction, taking into

account the opening side of the window sashes or door leaf. The most common mosquito nets are those with vertical opening. Advantages of designs Roller-type mosquito nets are a simple and aesthetic way to protect your room from flies or mosquitoes. Such mosquito nets are suitable for ordinary and roof windows. The operating principle is reminiscent of a closed-type roller shutter. Thanks to the spring mechanism, the net smoothly lowers and rises. If you inadvertently fasten the mesh poorly, it will slowly rise up. Main advantages: 1. The aluminum profile is securely attached to the window, and a wide selection of colors will make the profile almost invisible and will not spoil the appearance of the facade. 2. The design does not interfere with the operation of the windows and does not create noise during rain or strong wind. 3. For a better fit and protection from insects, the profile and lower part of the mesh are equipped with additional lining. 4. The cassette mosquito net is easy to operate and maintain. 5. There is no need to rent it for the autumn-winter period, which is an excellent solution for owners of small apartments. If you want to buy a reliable mosquito net that will last for many years, we invite you to consider the wide range on our website. In addition to the roller mosquito net, you may also need a mosquito net for the door, so don’t forget to look at the corresponding section. Mosquito net: price, where to buy Our website https://pro-shto.com.ua presents a large range of quality products. In production we use only high-quality components, thanks to which the nets are characterized by strength, convenience, and aesthetics. You can buy a roll-up mosquito net in the city of Poltava or order through our online store, delivery is carried out to all populated areas of the country. For roller-type mosquito nets, the price is calculated taking into account the size, type of plug and type of mesh.