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Bamboo curtains Premium (Roman assembly)
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Римские бамбуковые полотна
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The premium series is distinguished by an abundance of natural materials without the use of aluminum and other metals. This is the most environmentally friendly product made from a combination of wood, bamboo and plastic. The bamboo curtain belongs to the Roman type of construction as it folds into neat folds when opened. There is also a variation in the form of roller blinds where the fabric is wound into a roll.

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Bamboo curtains Premium (Roman assembly)

The use of Roman blinds in modern interiors allows not only to protect the premises from active sunlight, but also to make the space holistic. As a rule, for making “rims” They use fabrics made from synthetic and natural fibers. But lovers of ECO styles will like Roman blinds made of bamboo.

Roman assembled bamboo curtains: description

Bamboo sun protection systems are a good opportunity to recreate the exotic world of the tropics in a room. They can easily be used in rooms for any purpose, and can also be combined with other window decor.

Roman blinds made of bamboo differ in color scheme and weaving texture. Among the shades you can find samples of natural golden color, as well as dark shades that closely resemble dark wood.

The unique weaving of bamboo straws, natural wood shades and beautiful folds that create Roman blinds on the window - this is perhaps what makes “Roman blinds” made of bamboo against the background of the rest of the window decor.

Advantages of bamboo curtains

Roman blinds are in themselves quite an original way to make your home cozy and the interior unique. And in combination with bamboo sheets, they acquire a number of other advantages:

  1. Environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a completely natural raw material, which means that the decor will be safe.
  2. Versatility. Roman blinds made of bamboo will suit absolutely any interior. They can be used in bedrooms and kitchens, children's rooms, cafes and restaurants.
  3. Different levels of darkness. You should choose a curtain depending on the desired effect. Weaving bamboo straws in a closed form will make the room lightly twilight. And for those who want complete blackout, there are options with fabric


Natural fabrics remove hot air well and do not let it into the room during the warm season. In winter, on the contrary, they retain heat.

Choose and buy bamboo Roman curtains

The first online factory of sun protection systems in Ukraine, Pro-Shto, offers to produce Roman blinds according to individual sizes. In addition, you do not need to wait for the measurer and waste time on this. All you need to do is enter the window parameters in a convenient online constructor and decide on the color, texture and type of weaving of the bamboo fabric.

The designers of the Pro-Shto company took care of the aesthetics of the products and offer both single-color options for canvases and products that successfully combine several natural shades of bamboo. Therefore, you can easily choose a Roman blind for your bedroom, living room and even office.

Installing Roman blinds does not present any difficulties and can be done independently. It is only important when choosing to calculate the mounting method and height. The fastening itself can be carried out to the cornice, which is part of the Roman blind system. It can be fixed on the ceiling or on the wall.

All components that are used in the production process of Roman blinds according to individual measurements are of very high quality. And this is a guarantee of the durability of bamboo sun protection.

bamboo Roman blinds Roman blinds made of bamboo