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Roman curtains
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We offer to buy Roman blinds with coulisse curtain rods (closed type). Before placing an order, decide what type of assembly you are interested in and provide the details to the specialist.

Curtain characteristics:
Maximum width: 2000mm;
Maximum height: 2000mm.

Dimensions are calculated taking into account the cornice.

The curtain is installed both on the sashes and on the window opening or on the wall. When installing on a wall, it is recommended to add 5-10cm to the size of the opening to cover the side gaps between the slopes and the fabric.

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Roman curtains

Roman blinds have been on the sun protection systems market for quite a long time, but are only now beginning to gain popularity. This is due to changes in the design of premises, where minimalism and loft are gaining popularity and Roman blinds perfectly complement such design options. Despite this, Roman blinds look good in all styles with the right choice of fabrics and type of assembly.

The main advantage of Roman blinds is their flexibility in design and the ability to be installed on any type of window. And in order to make the right choice of curtains, you need to have a small amount of information in order to understand how to choose the right fabric and type of assembly of products.

Design of Roman blinds

First, let's figure out what a Roman blind is and how it earned its popularity. The main difference between Roman blinds is the use of soft fabrics, which are fundamentally different from roller blinds and similar types of sun protection. Roman blinds create a cozy atmosphere, while the appearance of the curtains is something between a strict and home style; it is thanks to this combination that Roman blinds look equally good both at home and in the office.

A Roman blind on a modern cornice provides convenient control of the product using a special chain, while the curtain looks quite cozy and does not show modern elements. The cornice is completely covered with fabric, and all curtain controls are hidden on the back of the curtain, this allows you to create visual simplicity, although the product itself is quite modern and complex.

Special rods are installed on the fabric to create transverse rigidity, which prevent the curtains from bending and ensure proper operation of the product. Otherwise, a special thread system in combination with a chain-rotor mechanism is used to lift the fabric. Thanks to this design, it is possible to easily control the curtain with automatic fixation in any position of the fabric.

Features of Roman blinds

Compactness - Since the curtain when folded is almost completely assembled to the cornice, it takes up minimal space on the window. At the same time, the window sill remains free and can be used as additional useful space. Even when installing curtains on large window openings, they will occupy a minimal amount of space, both open and closed.

Easy to care for - previously, Roman blinds were made from natural fabrics that required washing and ironing. Now, with the use of modern technologies, special polyester fabrics are used.

They have many advantages over natural fabrics, which greatly simplify the care of the product. Polyester fabrics are coated with special dust-repellent compounds, thanks to which the fabric does not accumulate dust and thereby simplifies the care of the fabric. Polyester is also resistant to sunlight, so the curtain does not fade as much in the sun and retains its attractive appearance longer.

Strict and laconic design - the curtains do not have any extraneous elements, and all mechanisms are hidden from view, thanks to which the Roman blind has strict geometry and a laconic design.

Thanks to soft, dense fabrics, Roman blinds protect the interior well from sunlight, thereby reducing the temperature in the room in summer and protecting interior items. Therefore, considering the curtains as a functional product, they fully perform their assigned functions and do not require additional sun protection.

A large range of fabrics provides maximum choice for all types of interiors. Also, fabrics can be combined on one product to achieve unique characteristics of curtains.

Easy to install - the curtain is supplied assembled and configured, so during installation it is enough to unpack the product and secure the curtain rod on special brackets, after which the curtain is completely ready for use.

Assembly options for Roman blinds

Roman blinds are individual products in their essence and they can be assembled in completely different ways without interfering with the operation of the product. Among all the assembly options, there are several basic options that differ from each other.

Smooth - This is the classic type of curtain assembly that is used most often. A smooth curtain in the fully open position straightens and looks like a smooth fabric without wrinkles, and when opened, the curtain rises and folds into neat folds that rise completely to the cornice. Moreover, in the closed position, the product resembles a small accordion with neatly folded fabric.

With a slouch - In this option, a little more fabric is used than necessary, so when the curtain is completely open, it does not fold out into a flat sheet, but small folds (tails) remain. This type of assembly is well suited for rooms in a calm romantic style and in a home environment.

Other options - the Roman blind is a universal product and its type of assembly may depend on your wishes. For example, a curtain can be raised not from the very last fold, but from the previous one; thanks to this assembly, when closed, the curtain remains partially open, creating a classic appearance. There are also options for combining fabrics; in this case, the curtain is divided into several vertical stripes using fabrics of different shades.

It is worth noting that Roman blinds are one of the most economical options for sun protection using curtain fabrics. The design of the curtain itself requires the required amount of fabric to cover the light opening or flap. Even when using expensive fabrics, there is no waste of material that is not used.

Roman blind


The variety of Roman blinds is impressive with an abundance of options and combinations, given the colors, as well as the many types of assembly, it is possible to assemble your own product, which will be absolutely unique and suitable exclusively for your interior. Of course, there are no strict rules for selecting curtains; here everyone is guided by their own sense of style, and we cannot influence this. But if you need advice, we will tell you a few nuances when choosing that are worth paying attention to.

If the room is small, then you should choose a plain curtain to match the color of the walls, often light or pastel shades, such curtains visually expand the space, which is well suited in small rooms.

Don’t forget about simple techniques with horizontal and vertical stripes, for example, vertical stripes on curtains visually increase the height of the ceilings, and horizontal stripes the width of the openings. This allows you to adjust the perception of the room, even if it is small in size. Experienced designers often use such tricks.

If the space allows, you can choose curtains with bright patterns, but this option is used for variety when the room does not have bright accents and needs to be diluted with something. If the room looks holistic and the interior items have their own patterns, then you should choose plain curtains that will not weigh down the already filled interior.

If the room does not have its own interior color, and many elements are used that do not match in shades, you should choose curtains based on the primary colors, for example, walls, floors, furniture, etc. When choosing which color, more is used Total. In this case, the curtain will complement the main interior, and not stand out as an additional accent.

Sometimes, to give a more homely look, the lower part of the Roman curtain is decorated with fringe or beads; this makes the product less strict and allows it to be used in a cozy home interior with many small details.

How to choose curtains to match your interior style

Roman blinds combine well with any type of interior, but you should take a little time to choose shades and how to assemble the curtains. For example, curtains can be supplemented with drapes or used as an independent product.

For Provence or country style, checkered or striped curtains are well suited. Minimalism uses simple geometric patterns or plain, calm colors.

In the bedroom, curtains provide reliable protection from sunlight and can be easily combined with other types of curtains and tulles. For the living room, curtains can become the highlight of the interior if you choose a non-standard color or pattern. On the other hand, bright curtains or calmer colors are often used in the nursery, depending on the age of the child.

Mounting options for Roman blinds

On the sash - this is a good option if you have a large window sill; in this case, the fabric falls along the edge of the sash and the window sill remains free. It is also convenient to close individual doors on a French balcony or loggia, which makes it possible to open individual doors, thereby adjusting the level of lighting in the room.

Inside the opening - the curtain is mounted on the inside of the slope, which closes the window opening and leaves free space on the wall. When installing a curtain inside an opening, you should remember that the Roman blind does not close completely and always leaves part of the fabric in the open position, this may interfere with the opening of the shutters.

On the opening - the curtain is installed on the wall, above the window opening and completely covers the entire opening. This is one of the popular installation options that allows you to close the window without dividing it into separate sashes. In this case, the curtain will look very beautiful and fully perform the function of sun protection. The curtain also hides all the imperfections of windows and slopes, covering the entire window opening. In relation to Roman blinds, size matters; the larger the curtain, the better it will look. This is due to the presence of folds in the fabric, therefore, the larger the curtain, the more folds can be made and, accordingly, the whole system will work correctly and beautifully.

How to care for Roman blinds

Although synthetic fabrics are used in Roman blinds, caring for them is more reminiscent of classic caring for regular curtains. The fabric on the Roman blind itself does not accumulate dust, but it can be washed and for this purpose there is a special Velcro on the curtain rod; just detach the fabric and pull out the cross rods from it, after which the curtains can be carefully washed. After washing, the fabric must be rinsed from the soapy solution, after which it must be allowed to hang for a while and level out.

Roman blinds are easy to care for and durable products. They look unusual and are always pleasing to the eye. You can order Roman blinds on our website using an online calculator; just indicate the dimensions and you will immediately see the cost of the finished product without additional charges.