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Bamboo curtains Eco (roll assembly)
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Bamboo curtains in the Eco system are developed as a budget version of curtains using high-quality wooden and bamboo fabrics. Recommended for installation in a country house or private home. Natural canvases perfectly complement the interior of the room and also add originality and warmth. The Eco curtain rod is closed with a groover made of natural wood, so there are no open parts of the mechanisms.

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Bamboo curtains Eco (roll assembly)

Along with fabrics and polymer materials, bamboo is used when decorating windows. This plant is a recognized symbol of Japan and can bring notes of warmth and comfort to your home environment.

Bamboo roller blinds: description

Lightweight and at the same time durable products are suitable for home and public interiors in the ECO style. The canvas of bamboo curtains consists of narrow planks, thin round sections or thin straws. In addition to these elements, threads of different colors are used, which give the canvas an original appearance.

On the window, bamboo curtains look like a free-hanging canvas that easily rolls up in the form of a neat roll. They can be fixed at any level of the opening or twisted completely. Bamboo sheets are quite light in weight, so they do not create a large load on the mechanism, and the mechanism itself is extremely simple and can be used even by children.

A special feature of bamboo roller blinds is that they are made from different types and varieties of bamboo straws. And the accent in the form of weaves of silk and linen threads makes the canvases different in texture and density. The curtain can be completely opaque or allow a significant portion of light to pass through. This makes bamboo roller shutters suitable for any interior. The main thing is to choose the right color scheme and light transmission level.

Advantages of bamboo roller blinds

Bamboo is an attribute of oriental interiors. Window curtains made of this material will help protect the room from overheating and interior items from fading. These characteristics allow them to be used in dry, well-ventilated rooms facing south.

Using bamboo roller blinds you get:

  • reliable protection from the scorching sun;
  • an original decorative item for windows;
  • protection from overheating in the summer heat and heat

retention in winter;

  • room ventilation.
  • Another advantage of bamboo weaves is that they do not fade under the sun and retain their original color for many years. And special impregnations add moisture resistance to the natural material and simplify the care of the canvas. It is enough to occasionally wipe the surfaces with a slightly damp cloth.

    In modern interiors, bamboo curtains look quite harmonious. They can decorate a balcony, loggia, veranda and other rooms with large windows.

    Buy bamboo roller blinds

    Are you looking for an original solution for window decoration? Opt for bamboo roller blinds. You can order natural fabrics along with the design and lifting mechanism in the Pro-Shto online store.

    On the website of the first online factory in Ukraine you will find a convenient order form that allows you to select and buy roller blinds of any texture and color. It is enough to enter just a few parameters of the product - dimensions, color, texture and select the degree of darkness, and you will receive the price of the finished product for the windows.

    You can install roller blinds yourself. This can be done both above the window and on each sash separately, which ensures maximum adherence to the glass unit.

    Choose ECO curtains made of bamboo and create your own unique interior in which you can live, work and relax and feel completely protected from prying eyes and sunlight.

    Bamboo roller blinds ECO bamboo curtains