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Protective roller blinds
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Цвет защитных роллет
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Protective roller shutters are used as an anti-vandal protection device and also for additional thermal insulation of the room. Installation is possible on doors, windows and various openings. Our store provides the opportunity to buy protective roller shutters for your home and office and receive professional advice on installation and repair.

The roller shutter consists of:

Roller shutter;
Control: Belt inertial drive, cord inertial drive, cord gear drive, crank drive, cord drive for built-in installation;
The deadbolt lock, if necessary, is installed in the lower lamella and closes the roller shutter using a cross key.

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Protective roller blinds

Roller systems (in other words, roller shutters or roller shutters) are installed on door or window openings and provide reliable protection of the room from prying eyes, noise, weather conditions and burglary.

Protective roller shutters from pro-shto

We offer aesthetic and reliable roller shutters – special protective structures made of aluminum profiles designed for windows and doors.
Throughout the entire time, we have been producing and assembling roller shutter systems for windows and doors. The current product range includes over 10,000 items of roller shutter components of various designs and colors.
Among the manufactured products – extruded and foam-filled profiles, end profiles and guide rails, protective boxes and side covers, suspension and roller shutter control elements, and much, much more.
Currently we offer classic roller blinds of the Classic series and a budget option – Economy series roller shutters. Both series have both common advantages and distinctive characteristics.

Advantages of protective roller shutters

Today install roller blinds (roller shutters) on windows or doors – this means taking a balanced approach to protecting your home. Because aluminum window roller shutters are reliable, durable and long-lasting. Modern materials, equipment and technologies used in their production are time-tested and certified with a quality mark.
The main structural elements of window roller shutters are:
1. Roller shutter.
Can consist of foam-filled or extruded (increased rigidity) profiles. The current range includes 7 types of roller rolled profiles (size range from 36mm to 55mm) and 3 types of extruded profiles (42mm, 44mm, 55mm).
To ensure increased rigidity of the roller shutter curtain in the open position, as well as to prevent unauthorized lifting of the curtain, extruded end profiles are installed.
2. Extruded guide rails.
Ensure the movement of the roller shutter curtain when winding it into the box. Depending on the requirements for the architectural features of the building, as well as the degree of its protection, standard, reinforced or specialized guide rails (corner, spacer, double) can be used during installation.
3. Protective boxes and side covers.
Selected depending on the external exterior of the room (45-, 20-degree, round or semicircular) and the requirements for structural rigidity (roll-firmed or extruded).
4. Roller shutter controls.
Selected based on the size and weight of the roller shutter (roller shutter), as well as ease of control. Can be manual or automated (electric drives).

Automation for roller shutters

Automation makes it possible to make the control of roller shutters simple and convenient, as well as to more fully use their advantages. Automation of roller shutters on windows involves the installation of electric drives and control systems. Depending on the conditions of use and budget, roller shutter systems and other related devices in the house are controlled using wall switches, remote controls, and other systems. A wide range allows you to choose a roller shutter control system for different types of buildings, including office buildings, country houses and apartments.
The benefits of automation are most clearly revealed when it is necessary to control a large number of roller shutters and integrate them into a smart home system.

Tasks solved by roller shutter systems

Protection from prying eyes
Roller shutters on the windows will protect you from prying eyes, allow you to create a comfortable environment and concentrate on work or leisure.
Protection from noise
Window roller shutters made of foam-filled profiles can significantly reduce the noise level in the room: this is an additional plus for those who are light sleepers or work that requires special silence and concentration. You can calculate the noise level reduction
Weather protection
It is enough to lower the roller shutters on the windows, and even the most inclement weather will no longer pose a threat, and carpets, furniture and curtains will not fade in the sun .
Protection from the sun
Window roller shutters can keep you cool even on the hottest days and protect curtains, furniture, and carpets from fading.
Burglary protection
Windows located on the first floors especially often attract the attention of burglars. Due to their high strength, roller shutters perfectly resist mechanical stress, ensure the safety of residents and employees of the building, as well as the safety of property.
Energy saving
With closed roller shutters, the room cools down more slowly and heats up less, due to which In winter it is possible to reduce the cost of heating it, and in summer – for air conditioning.
Only 7 simple steps will separate you from purchasing high-quality and beautiful roller shutters for your windows:
Step 1. Determine the type and series of the protective box.
Step 2. Select profile type.
Step 3. Determine the profile dimensions.
Step 4. Select suitable guide rails.
Step 5. Select a convenient roller shutter control option.
Step 6. Select a locking system.
Step 7. Decide on the color of the roller shutters based on the design of the facade (if desired, you can choose a color scheme at the very beginning).

Roller shutters of the Classic and Economy series

What do the Classic and Economy series roller shutters have in common?

Increased strength characteristics
Use of thicker tape for profiles (in Economy up to 10%, in Classic up to 30%), for protective boxes (up to 27%), thicker walls of standard guide rails (in Economy up to 15%, in Classic up to 25%) compared to individual manufacturers. This guarantees high resistance to deformation and increased strength of roller shutters during transportation, installation and operation.

Two-layer paint coating
The paint coating of roller shutter profiles consists of two layers with separate firing and has a thickness of 30 microns, which 1.5-2 times thicker than a single-layer coating. The two-layer coating can withstand more than 5000 cycles of raising and lowering the canvas without abrasion to the metal. And this is more than 10 years of daily use.

Uniform foam filling
Uniform foam filling of profiles without voids and cavities, as well as high foam density (soft – 70-80 kg/m3, hard – 318-322 kg/m3) provides resistance to deformation and increased strength of the fabric to wind and impact loads. The use of profiles with denser foam leads to an increase in the size of the closed openings.

Wide selection of technical solutions
A large selection of technical solutions allows you to choose an option for buildings of any architectural style and increased requirements for comfort. These are 5 types of boxes – 20°, 45°, round, semicircular, built-in (“hidden”). These are combined roller shutters, roller shutters with built-in AMS. These are various elements of curtain suspension that improve the performance properties of roller shutters. These are intelligent control systems and many additional accessories.

Advantages of roller shutters of the Classic and Economy series for the buyer

Optimal price-quality ratio
Despite the significant advantages of the Classic series roller shutters, the price is 18-20% higher than the series Economy. For a typical cottage, the difference in cost will be 150-200 euros (typical cottage – 8-10 windows). The buyer can choose the most optimal solution for him based on his needs and target needs.

Long service life of roller shutters
High abrasion resistance thanks to a two-layer paint coating. It withstands more than 5000 lifting and lowering cycles without abrasion to metal, which is equivalent to 10 years of daily use.
Increased strength characteristicsdue to a thicker tape of protective boxes, thicker walls of guide rails, and uniform filling of profiles with foam. This guarantees resistance to deformation and increased strength of roller shutters during transportation, installation and operation.

Reliability and safety
All roller shutters can be installed in areas with different wind loads according to SNiP 2.01.07 (SP 20.13330.2016), in different geographical locations of the world. Classic series profiles are resistant to shock and wind loads up to 850 Pa (comparable to wind speeds up to 135 km/h). Economy series roller shutters cover up to 15% smaller openings than the Classic series.

Attractive appearance
All elements of the Classic series roller shutters – canvas, box, tires – have the same shade thanks to the high-quality coating and constantly controlled color difference coefficient.

Optimal thickness of aluminum tape
For the production of roller-rolled profiles and rollforming protective boxes, a tape of a strictly established thickness is always used. This guarantees stable strength characteristics of each standard size of profile and box.

The coating is characterized by:

  • high resistance to abrasion and scratches;
  • resistance to stretching, cracking and peeling;
  • resistant to UV radiation and temperature changes;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • resistance to aggressive environments, such as detergents, solvent vapors, alkalis, etc.
  • for extruded profiles – stability of the gloss of the glossy coating.
  • Uniform foam filling
  • The foam filling of roller rolling profiles is uniform, without pores or cavities. This guarantees high resistance of the profiles to loads and minimizes deformation.
  • The density of the soft foam filler of the profiles is 67 – 70 kg/m, solid foam filler – 318 – 322 kg/mwhich provides the best strength characteristics of the profiles.

Optimal parameters of web winding
Geometric dimensions of profiles – more than 13 parameters – are monitored daily during production. Key indicators – this is the

thickness of the profile and the height of the covering surface of the profile. All parameters for each profile size are always constant and correspond to the values ​​stated in the technical catalog.
Stable geometry and crescent-shaped configuration of the profiles as part of the roller shutter web provide high and constant winding parameters. This provides comprehensive savings on the cost of roller shutters due to the use of side covers and protective boxes of a smaller standard size.

High anti-corrosion properties
The corrosion resistance of the paint and varnish coating of extruded profiles is confirmed by the SEASIDE certificate. This is relevant for coastal regions, which are characterized by a large amount of salts in the air, in particular chlorine and iodine ions.
The high anti-corrosion properties of the side covers are confirmed by tests of the research republican unitary enterprise for construction accredited by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus ;BelNIIS Institute (Certificate No. BY/112/02/1/0/0290) in accordance with GOST 9.308-85.

High-quality matching of all structural elements of the roller shutter
Stable geometry of roller shutter profiles, protective boxes, octaves, high-quality casting of side covers and plastic parts (capsules, pulleys, manual drive elements ) guarantee high-quality mating of all parts.

The range of roller rolling profiles includes 7 standard sizes – AR/37, AR/40 (ARH/40), AR/41, AR/45, AR/52, AR/55m, AR/55 (ARH/55) in 20 colors. Options for roller rolling profiles: with soft and hard foam filling, perforated and non-perforated. The profiles have good heat and sound insulation characteristics.

Assortment of extruded profiles – 3 standard sizes – AER42, AER44/S, AER55/S. The profiles are offered with a shagreen coating texture in 5 colors and gloss in 19 colors. Roller shutter systems made from extruded profiles are characterized by increased resistance to burglary due to the large thickness of the profile walls and the presence of a transverse stiffener rib.

Roller shutter control systems

Assortment of manual drives for controlling roller shutters:

  • belt inertial drive (up to 15 kg);
  • corded inertial drive (up to 15 kg);
  • cord gear drive (up to 20 kg);
  • knob drive (up to 35 kg);
  • cord drive (up to 80 kg);
  • spring-inertia mechanism (from 6 to 80 kg).

All injection molded parts: plastic stacker bodies, pulleys, capsules, guides for tape, cord and cord – have a neat appearance without streaks from casting.

Wide range of colors

Wide color range of profiles and components for roller shutter systems – 20 colors for roller rolled profiles, 19 colors for extruded profiles – provides a variety of options for combining roller shutters with the building facade. Depending on the color, roller shutter systems can merge with the facade or, on the contrary, serve as a bright element, creating original and individual solutions.
The color scheme of the roller shutter system frame is also presented in a wide color palette:
protective boxes 20° and 45° – 14 colors;
protective round / semicircular boxes and side covers; guide bars and end profiles – 19 colors with a glossy surface and 6 colors with a shagreen surface.
You can choose different combinations of the color of the canvas and the frame of the roller shutter. For example, the canvas matches the color of the building’s facade, and the frame – match the color of the roof or vice versa.

Energy saving

Roller shutter systems – effective means of energy saving

To ensure that your home is always cozy and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, it is not necessary to constantly use expensive heaters and air conditioners. Installing roller shutters on windows will allow you to maintain the ideal temperature in your home and at the same time save money.

In winter – saving on space heating. An air gap is formed between the window and the roller shutter, which acts as a thermos and retains heat in winter.

Summer – savings on room air conditioning. Roller blinds block up to 80% of thermal energy from the outside of the window, preventing it from heating up and dissipating heat into the room (unlike blinds, which are installed from the inside of the window). At the same time, the temperature inside the room decreases by 5°C or more.

00 unpainted

01 white

02 brown

03 gray

04 beige

06 sky blue

07 red-ruby

08 silver

10 black

11 milk

13 anthracite

14 light beige

15 green-spruce

16 azure blue

19 golden-oak

20 yellow

21 cream

22 dark brown

23 ivory

24 dark beige

25 green-moss

26 dark blue

29 bronze

31 pearly white

33 light gray

35 pale green

36 pastel blue

39 Irish-oak

41 white

49 cherry

53 grey-quartz

59 nut

A00_E6 silver

A03_E6 bronze

A06_E6 champagne