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Pleated curtains for roof windows
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Ткани плиссе для мансарды
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The pleated system is designed for skylights and other windows of non-standard shape. The system has two
type of mechanisms that are fixed in the upper and lower parts of the window frame. This is an incredibly simple
A practical and reliable system with various mounting options. Thanks to the full fixation of the pleated
has two or three types of opening depending on the selected system.

Maximum width: 2100mm;
Maximum height: 2500mm;
Accessories color: white, brown, anthracite;
System type: open;
Guides: yes/no;
Control mechanism: rope, chain or using a leash manually;
Control side: left/right;
Type of fixation: tension, free-hanging, fixed.

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Pleated curtains for roof windows

Roof windows are very convenient systems, especially if there are practically no other lighting options. But constant light in the attic is not always required, especially if it is a living space and in the summer, when the sun is at its zenith, the attic windows allow maximum hot sunlight into the room. To lower the temperature and get rid of the bright sun, the windows need to be covered with curtains, but the curtains sag under their own weight, so how can you close the windows in the attic so that the curtains look beautiful and fulfill their function? This is where pleated systems come to our aid.

Pleated is a modern sun protection system that can be mounted on all types of windows; its advantages are the ability to install it on roof windows, as well as windows of non-standard shape, while the products remain fully functional with the ability to change the level of lighting.

The pleated design consists of two or three aluminum profiles, between which there is fabric. Thanks to the pleated fabric, when closed, the curtains fold like an accordion into a compact curtain rod, which makes it easy to use the shutter without interfering with opening. The design of pleated curtains is made in such a way that the fabric is not wound on a shaft, but is assembled like an accordion, so pleated curtains are not limited to the shape of a regular rectangle and allow you to close trapezoidal windows, arched, triangular and any other glazing options except rectangular ones.

Pleated models designed for skylights have a special tension system that passes through the fabric on both sides. The pleated fabric itself can easily keep its shape thanks to the transverse folds and does not sag even on vertical windows. Considering that the pleated can be located quite high in the ceiling, the system can be equipped with a special control stick to easily reach the ceiling and control the curtain.

Types of pleated systems

Pleated fabrics are available in several versions depending on the required tasks. Free-hanging, full-locking system and day-night system. These options apply to rectangular windows; for non-standard system options they may differ depending on the shape of the window.

The free-hanging system is fixed at the top of the sash and opens freely. At the bottom of the product, the curtain remains, not fixed. Such products are installed on blind sashes and have a lower price because they do not have additional components for fixation.

Full-fixation system - works similarly to a free-hanging system with a modified fixation system. Additional guide lines are installed on the curtains, along which the fabric and lower profile move.

Such pleated systems are mounted on tilt-and-turn sashes, and can also be installed on roof windows. Since the flaps are at a slight angle in the ventilation mode, in order to avoid sagging of the fabric, you

should use a system with fixation. A similar effect is required for roof windows to fix the fabric in the plane of the sash and give the windows an attractive appearance.

Pleated day-night is one of the most convenient options for pleated curtains. In the day-night system, two types of fabric are used at the customer’s choice, these can be fabrics of different shades, for example, lighter and darker ones in order to cover windows with different fabrics at different times of the day, also a popular option is the combination of translucent fabric with regular one, while It is possible to create the effect of tulle or darkening fabric. But the main function of day-night curtains is the use of blackout fabric in combination with classic fabric.

Day-night pleated consists of an upper and lower cornice similar to classical systems, as well as a middle profile for connecting fabrics. That is, the first fabric is installed in the upper part, and the second in the lower part, and both fabrics are connected in the middle profile. At the same time, both fabrics remain fully functional, which means that the window can be covered with either blackout fabric or regular fabric. That is, you can block the sun’s rays completely or partially at any time. This is very convenient for use on the sunny side of the room, as well as in the attic if complete darkness is required. Moreover, both effects are possible when using one product, which makes it as functional and unique as possible.

Blackout fabric is a special series of fabrics with 100% blackout, which completely blocks the sun's rays and is not see-through.

Care for pleated curtains

The main part of pleated fabrics is made of 100% polyester; such fabrics resemble roller blinds and have all the advantages of fabric care. All fabrics are coated with a dust-repellent antistatic coating, making maintenance a breeze. It is enough to wipe the curtain with a dry cloth or damp sponge to get rid of dust and that will be enough. Pleated fabric holds its shape well, but if it is damaged, the curtain will not return to its original state. Therefore, washing such fabrics is not recommended, because it can damage not only the pleated shape, but also the dust-repellent coating, thanks to which the fabric does not accumulate dust and does not require frequent care.

It’s very easy to buy pleated curtains using the calculator on our website, to do this, indicate the required dimensions of the system, and you will immediately see the cost of the finished product, after which you just need to place an order and we will make pleated curtains according to your individual sizes.