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Roller blinds day-night DUO
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ткани день ночь duo
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Day night DUO system without the use of mechanisms; due to the design features, there is no control circuit on the product and there is no upper cornice; thanks to this assembly, the curtain takes up a minimum of space and does not interfere with the opening of the shutters. This is a practical and reliable system that has various mounting options, on fixed and open sashes, as well as on roof windows with full fixation at the top and bottom. The product is controlled using a magnetic handle that allows you to change the position to day or night.

Maximum width: 1400mm;
Maximum height: 2000mm;
Accessories color: white;
System type: open;
Guides: none;
Control mechanism: none;
Control side: universal magnetic handle;
Fixation type: lower and upper fasteners.

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Roller blinds day-night DUO

Roller blinds are an excellent solution for adjusting the light flow and decorating the interior of a room. But among roller blinds there are also subspecies, and one of them is day-night fabric. Zebra fabric is a modern multifunctional fabric that has received all the advantages of classic roller blinds, and also has unique functional features, like regular horizontal blinds. What is the advantage of day-night systems over other types of curtains? As you can see on our website, curtains are divided not only into types of fabrics, but also into types of systems; each such system has unique functional features and is designed for windows of different widths. For example, when installing open systems on wide windows, there are restrictions on the maximum width and height of the product; in this case, a large selection of systems is required not for visual distinction, but for installation on different types of windows. But what to do if you need to close a balcony or loggia with many light openings, especially the upper transoms, which are often wide, but not high, and control on such curtains is not required because they open extremely rarely. This is where the DUO day-night system comes to our aid; let’s take a closer look at it. The DUO day-night curtain is a kind of hybrid between different systems and allows you to install curtains even in the most difficult to reach places. Often, installation of the system requires a small amount of space from the bead to the slopes; this space is necessary for attaching brackets with mechanisms that protrude from the width of the fabric by 15-20mm. There are several installation options when the system does not fit on the sash, for example, you can reduce the width of the curtain, in which case the fabric will not completely cover the glazing beads and side gaps will appear. But it is not necessary to install a chain-controlled system in a hard-to-reach place; for such cases, the DUO day-night system is used. This is a compact curtain without control mechanisms; thanks to its simplified design, it takes up less space and allows you to install curtains even in the case of narrow glazing beads or insufficient space for mounting the bracket. The DUO day-night system is controlled using a special magnetic handle, which is attached to the fabric, and control occurs by moving the stripes and changing the position of the curtain to either day or night mode. The only fundamental difference between such a system is the inability to partially open the window; the duo system either regulates the light flux by moving the fabric or is completely dismantled if it is necessary to release

the sash to wash the glass. The DUO system is equipped with clamps on both sides that hold it statically in the plane of the sash, which allows for installation on opening sashes without sagging fabric. The ideal installation option, for example, is a French balcony or loggia with limited space, in which case a combination of two systems is used: day-night mini and duo. In this combination, the day-night mini system allows you to conveniently control the light flux and fully open the windows, and the duo system with with a similar fabric will allow you to complete the complete picture with similar fabrics. Thanks to a wide selection of colors and textures, day-night curtains are perfect for installation on balconies and loggias, as well as in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. An additional advantage of fabric roller shutters is that there is always free access to the window sill, regardless of whether the curtain is open or closed; this is especially useful in a small kitchen when the window sill is another useful space for installing a coffee machine or microwave. Another good use of the day-night duo is installing curtains on the door, since the system is fixed around the perimeter and takes up a minimum amount of space; it will not dangle when opening the door and setting it up for ventilation. When using day-night mini systems, you can also fix the system using the “string” additional fixation mechanism, in which case the fabric will be mixed along the stretched lines and will not sag. A string fixation can be installed, even if it was not provided initially; to do this, you need to measure the height of the curtain and order a fixation kit on our website in the “accessories” section. Caring for roller blinds day and night The main part of the day-night fabrics is made of polyester with special dust-repellent impregnations. This should be taken into account when cleaning and caring for curtains. Thanks to the impregnation, the fabric does not accumulate dust, but if the fabric has become a little dull and you want to refresh it, you can wipe it with a soft sponge and a light soap solution. The use of strong detergents or greater force on the fabric can dissolve the dust-repellent impregnation and in the future the fabrics will collect dust faster and require more frequent washing; therefore, in order to avoid such moments, it is better to carefully wipe the curtain without unnecessary effort.