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Roller blinds Day-Night LUX
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The MINI BESTA LUX day-night system is designed for free-hanging roller blinds with day-night fabric. The system is equipped with self-locking mechanisms that are installed on a ø17 mm pipe. This is a practical and reliable system that has various mounting options, on fixed and open sashes, as well as on the window opening. LUX products are equipped with additional weighting, which ensures more stable operation of the system.

Maximum width: 1400mm;
Maximum height: 2000mm;
Hardware color: white, brown, golden oak;
System type: open;
Guides: no;
Control mechanism: chain;
Control side: left/right;
Fixation type: string.

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Roller blinds Day-Night LUX

Day-night systems are a compact and practical product for installation on plastic windows. By ordering fabric day-night roller blinds, you receive a universal sun protection system that is selected according to the design of your room and is perfect for various types of interior. The second name for day-night systems is zebra; it arose from the characteristics of the striped fabric used in curtains. The fabric consists of opaque fabric strips and tulle, which combine to create the effect of horizontal alternating stripes. In the system, the fabric is placed in two layers, one of which is permanently fixed, and the second is wound on a shaft. Thanks to this design, it is possible to install the curtain in two positions:

Day - the fabric is arranged with alternating dark and transparent stripes. In this case, the curtain lets in most of the light, but the window remains closed from prying eyes; a similar effect is achieved using tulle, but it does not regulate the light flux.

Night - the curtain is completely covered with dark fabric strips and closes the window from sunlight, similar to roller blinds. The main part of the fabrics does not have 100% blackout, so even if the curtain is set to the “night” position, it does not create complete darkness, depending on the type of fabric, it transmits from 50 to 70% of the light into the room, while retaining the heat of the sun’s rays, which is not allows the furniture inside the room to heat up.

The LUX day-night system is a type of open system without a box or guides. This type of roller blinds is perfect for installation on plastic window sashes, as well as on all other types of openings.

System design – All day-night products are delivered ready-made; after installation, the curtain is completely ready for use and does not require additional settings. Product installation options day-night:

Clips - in this case, several metal clips are installed at the fastening point, which are screwed using self-tapping screws, and the curtain rod of the system, ready for operation, is installed in these clips.

Self-tapping screws - the brackets contain 4 holes for self-tapping screws (2 in each bracket) with the help of which the product is fixed to the window sash. This is a more suitable mounting option, in which the system can withstand maximum loads.

The curtain is controlled using a chain mechanism, that is, to control the product you need to pull the chain, which in turn rotates the control mechanism. In turn, the mechanism turns the shaft with the fabric, which lowers or raises the curtain. When controlling the curtain, you need to apply a force in which you pull the chain and this force is transmitted to the brackets of the system. If the fixation is poor or installed with double-sided tape, you can easily tear the entire system away from the window, which is why we recommend fixing all products only with self-tapping screws and not using other installation options.

Bottom fixation - when placing an order, the curtain can additionally be equipped with a fixation system that holds the lower part of the fabric and does not allow the curtain to dangle. We recommend installing clamps on the opening sashes since they can be installed in the ventilation mode and the curtain will dangle freely without fixing.

Features of the LUX series - day-night LUX are equipped with an additional weighting agent, which is installed in addition to the main one and gives additional tension to the fabric. Thanks to the double weighting, the curtain will not dangle even in strong gusts of wind. This weighting material does not reduce the functionality of the system and allows you to install additional fixation.

Materials for manufacturing systems

In the production of day-night systems, materials such as plastic and aluminum are used. The brackets and mechanisms are made of high-quality plastic, and the weights and strength elements are made of aluminum. Thanks to the use of high-quality components, even plastic brackets can withstand quite high loads. Systems and fabrics have their own tolerances for the width and height of the product. The fabric has its own weight, and its density may not completely unwind or load the system too much, which can lead to rapid wear of the mechanisms. Therefore, we, as a manufacturer, limit the permissible parameters of systems that may affect the performance of the product.

Day-night fabrics

Fabrics made from 100% polyester are often used in day-night systems. Such fabrics have proven themselves well on the market, have many varieties of colors and textures, and also do not emit harmful substances when heated, which is very important because the curtain often heats up when placed on the window. All fabrics for day-night curtains are additionally treated with special antistatic and dust-repellent compounds, which make the fabric easier to care for.

Caring for curtains day and night

As mentioned earlier, the fabric is already coated with a dust-repellent compound, which means it will not accumulate dust, but it can still get dirty, so sometimes it needs a little care. To clean curtains day and night, use a soft brush or damp sponge. If the dust is superficial, it can easily be knocked off the fabric with a brush. If the contamination is more serious, then you should use a sponge soaked in a weak soap solution. It is not recommended to wet fabrics, so if possible, it is better not to use cleaning products. It is also strictly not recommended to use serious cleaning agents based on chlorine or abrasives, otherwise you can easily damage the fabric or erase protective impregnations.

How to choose curtains for different rooms

Bright shades of yellow, orange and green are good for a dining room or kitchen. Such shades

improve mood and improve appetite.

In the bedroom, preference should be given to light fabrics based on the interior design. If the style is bright enough, it can be complemented with red or blue curtains, but if the bedroom is classic in light, calm colors, it is not recommended to install contrasting curtains so as not to overload the interior.

The living room uses a wide variety of shades, including fabrics with patterns and textures. Curtains in the living room are also selected to match the interior, namely the color of the wallpaper and furniture. If you have already used bright colors, you can complement them with curtains or lighten the room with light curtains. On the other hand, if you want to take curtains to match the color of the wallpaper and not focus on them, you should still choose fabrics that differ a couple of tones in a lighter or darker direction so that the curtain differs from the color of the walls. This is a standard move for designers, which allows you to visually differentiate between different interior elements.

Bright colored curtains are well suited for a nursery and will delight the child. If you can't decide on the fabric, you can always print your image on the curtains. For example, your favorite cartoon character or bright abstract drawings, this will give the curtains uniqueness and open up new possibilities for room design.

For an office, a classic choice is considered to be simple, non-irritating shades, pale blue or pink if similar colors are used in the interior, but if the office is in a simple style, then the use of white or gray is recommended.

Recommendations for choosing day-night curtains

Determine the size and type of windows in advance, since this is the first thing that affects the configuration of the system. Depending on the size of the windows, the type of system is selected. Our website presents all popular types of systems that allow you to close openings of any size. All systems are mounted in different planes, for example, on the sash, inside the window opening, as well as on the wall and ceiling. More detailed instructions are presented on our website in the measuring and installation sections.

Features of installation of day-night systems

Standard instructions for measuring curtains state that measurements must be taken along the locking part of the glazing beads. And this is correct, but in day-night there is a unique type of installation in which the dark stripes on adjacent doors will be symmetrically in one line, which adds completeness to the interior. It is not necessary to observe symmetry; if necessary, curtains can be installed without any problems according to the instructions and this does not affect the functionality of the product, but symmetry looks much more concise and pleasing to the eye, so experienced specialists try to ensure the maximum possible coincidence of the stripes for each window. Symmetrical curtains look especially good on the glazing of balconies and loggias, when all the fabrics are at the same height and a visually perfect appearance is achieved. To install curtains with symmetry of stripes, you need to do one simple step – adjust the height of the curtain. During production, all products are adjusted in such a way that when the curtain is completely closed, it becomes in the “night” position. and completely covered the windows from light and prying eyes. To match the stripes, it is enough to install the curtain rods at the same level and indicate the same height of the curtains on all sashes. For example, if there is a blind and an opening flap nearby, they are both measured by the locking part of the glazing beads, and the opening flap will most likely be 10 cm smaller than the blind flap, so we add 10 cm to it so that the height is the same for all sashes. An important point: when measuring for the symmetry of the stripes, the curtain rods should be installed at the same level, otherwise, when installed on glazing beads, the curtain on the opening sash will be longer than necessary.

Choice of fabric

One of the difficult stages is the choice of fabric; they are divided into price segments, but this does not always simplify the choice, because even in the budget series there are more than 200-300 fabrics with different shades and textures. To simplify the selection of fabric by cost, we recommend using our online calculator, in which you can easily indicate the required dimensions of the product and immediately see the finished cost. Thus, when switching fabrics, you will immediately see the cost of the finished product and its final cost. Regarding the selection of material, most of the fabrics are made of 100% polyester and their price is affected by the complexity of the pattern and texture, as well as the density of the mesh. In the budget price segment, the transparent part of the fabric consists of a dense mesh with large cells. On the other hand, in the middle and expensive segments, the mesh looks like very fine tulle, pleasant to the touch.

Day-night delivery of curtains is carried out through the carrier “Nova Poshta” to any department. When placing an order, please note that some compartments do not accept cargo longer than 1200 mm, so curtains with a curtain rod width of more than 1200 mm should be ordered for the cargo compartment.