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Boal for vertical blinds 127mm

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Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Комплектация для ламелей

Vertical blinds are modern sunscreen systems that are successfully used for home and office. They are an analogue of classic curtains, while they have wide functionality and are an integral part of office sunscreen. Due to the presence of many fabrics, the blinds are easily selected to the color of the interior, from the presented options a lot are made in bright colors so as not to distract people from work and study if the blinds are at school or in the office. Also, the presence of lamellas allows you to easily adjust the lighting in the room, as well as thanks to the space between the lamellas, the room is well ventilated. Rolled curtains and classic curtains cannot boast of such advantages, where the entire curtain is a whole canvas.

Also, their universality in the case of repair can be attributed to the advantages of vertical blinds, the design consists of many separate parts that can be replaced without buying a whole new curtain.

Vertical blinds is an ideal option for shading large office and school windows thanks to a favorable cost. Now that we have decided that vertical blinds are used in rooms, with a large number of people, be it a school, kindergarten or office buildings, they will often be used, and sometimes they can accidentally damage them.

for example, hangers can be considered a weak place in the construction of the blinds, on which the lamellas are fixed to the cornice. At the same time, the lamellas themselves often remain for a long time, because the fabrics for the blinds are quite dense and damage them is not so, it is simple. So what to do if a hanger for lamellas broke and it is necessary to repair with your own hands.

  • Determine the number of broken lamellas, simultaneously inspect the lower part of the blinds, is everything good with the guzes and the lower chain, if other elements can be replaced with hangers.
  • now that we know the number of necessary hangers, just order new ones and replace them.
  • Funny of hangers is made in two ways, depending on how the lamellas are made. If the lamellas have a small gap in the place where the hanger is attached to the blinds, then it is enough to pull out the old hangers and install new ones in their place, after which the tissue heavier is rearranged and the new lamella can be installed in the place of broken. There is also a more complex option, if the hangers are tightly sewn in the lamellas, then even though you will be able to pull out the old hanger, because it is broken, new ones can not work out because the hole for the hanger will be too narrow. In this case, it is necessary to open the lamella by the seam and install the hanger in it, and then sew up with a transparent fishing line so that the joints are not visible, such a process is not particularly complicated, but it requires time for time. If for any reason you can’t sew new hangers, you can always seek help from our specialists and order individual lamellas. New lames will already be with sewn hangers from your similar fabric, they will not differ in color and texture from existing ones, which makes it easy to replace old lamellas with new ones. Do not forget bright color fabrics over time gradually burn out in the sun, this is not noticeable if all the lamellas are burned out at the same time and evenly, but if you order a new fabric, it will probably be brighter and brighter than old lamellas. This is worth considering when ordering new components, in some cases, if several lamellas are already damaged, it is necessary to replace all the lamellas at once. It seems that the white fabric does not burn out because there is no paint on it, but this is not completely true, the white fabric, like others, gradually dulls and, in addition, is gradually getting dirty, which means that the lamellas acquire a grayish tint. Therefore, even if you have white vertical blinds, this does not mean that the fabric still looks like new, you will see the difference as soon as you install a really new fabric on old products.
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