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Cornice for vertical blinds assembly

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Механизм для ролет Мини с цепочкой. Страна производитель - Польша.В комплект входит:Кронштейн-2 шт.Заглушка кронштейна декоративная -2 шт.Шестеренки-2шт. Механизм с цепочкой -1 шт.Заглушка трубы-1 шт.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds is a modern sunscreen, which is successfully used both in home and in offices and schools. The blinds smoothly regulate the light due to the set of fabric lamellas. To decorate the room, a choice of many fabrics of various shades and textures are presented.

Most of the fabrics for vertical blinds are painted in light shades, since the use of vertical blinds is often in offices and schools, thanks to light fabrics, you can easily choose a shade of curtains without distracting surrounding bright colors. Vertical blinds allow you to easily close the large window openings, consisting of several wings, and are also installed on the wall and on the ceiling. A large number of vertical stripes visually increase the height of the room, which is very important in almost any office.

The design of vertical blinds is the most simple and functional as possible, and due to the presence of many

Replaced details of the repair of the blinds does not take much time. The main structural elements are:

  1. cornice in which all elements of fixation and lamella control are located.
  2. fabric stripes (lamellas) that are used to protect from the sun.
  3. The cornice is the basis of the blinds, it contains mechanisms for turning and controlling the lamellas. With the help of a lamella cornice, you can shift to the side by freeing the window, or the lamella around its axis smoothly adjusting the level of lighting in the room. Also, many separate lamellas provide simple air access to the room, which is especially important for offices and training classes.

    Carnes control is divided into several types. Since the installation of the cornice can be carried out by any side, there is no difference on the left or on the right will be installed a control circuit. But the lamellas themselves can move in different directions depending on how the blinds are collected.

    Control options:

    Type 1 - the lamellas move towards the location of the control circuit, that is, if the cornice is installed by the chain to the left, then when opening the window, all the lamellas will leave the window to the left and similarly if the chain is right.

    type 2 - in this version when opening windows, the lamellas will be assembled on the opposite side of the cornice, namely, if the chain is on the left, then the lamellas will leave to the right side and vice versa. < /p>

    Type 3 - universal, looks very beautiful on large windows. Regardless of where the lamella control chain is located from the center, that is, if you pull the cord to open the window, the lamellas will begin to move from the center of the cornice to the edge.

    Type 4 is a situational option that is used in rare cases. All lamellas, opening the window, will be assembled from edges to the center of the cornice, this option is not often used because the use of such cornices is quite situationally.

    Type 8 - in the presence of very wide windows, the assembly of two cornices is possible, it is called T8. In fact, these are two cornices with the control of the T1, in which the lamellas are specially assembled so that there are no gaps between the fabric with a closed window. The cornices are mounted in one line and are in contact with the edges to achieve the effect of a whole curtain.

    In the event of malfunctions with vertical blinds, they can be easily repaired, since almost all components are subject to replacement. Consider several options for faults, and how they are solved.

    1. problems in the cornice, breakdowns of runners or control circuit.
    2. damage to the lamellas, it can be a broken hanger, a load of fabric or lower chain, as well as other structural elements.
    3. in case of damage to the cornice, it can be repaired, but it all depends on how it is damaged. If runners or mechanisms are broken, they can be replaced independently, this requires disassembling the cornice and replacing the corresponding parts with new ones. But if the profile itself is damaged, then it will not be able to repair it with your own hands. In case of damage to the cornice profile, you can order a new cornice for vertical blinds assembled. To order a cornice, you need to clarify its length and select the control type (control types are described above in the text). Also, an important moment is the width of the lamellas, because the assembly of the cornice depends on it. Lamels are 127mm and 89mm width, 127mm lamellas are often more popular for offices and bedrooms, and 89mm are well suited both in the office and the room.

      In case of damage to the lamellas or their parts, for example, cargo or lower chain, you can easily replace the loads and chain with new ones, or order new lamellas from fresh fabric already cargoes and hangers, and then replace them. Please note that if the blinds were used for a long time, they gradually burn out in the sun and a new fabric (especially bright colors) can differ greatly in shade, in this case, when replacing individual lamellas, they can stand out against the background of all the others.

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