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110mm distance for vertical blinds

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Дистанция 110 для вертикальных жалюзи. Устанавливается в карниз и используется для регулировки расстояния между ламелями.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are universal sunscreen systems that are ideal for installation on window openings. In the ratio of price/quality, vertical blinds are the leader of the sunscript, this is evidenced by their popularity in offices, classes of educational institutions, kindergartens and other rooms with large windows. The main advantages of vertical blinds are the ability to replace any part of the product without the need to order new curtains. Also, blinds have a wide range of fabrics of various shades and textures, so even the most sophisticated designers will be able to choose the necessary product for the interior.

the design of vertical blinds

The main elements of the blinds are cornice and lamellas, the cornice includes an aluminum profile, in which there are lamps control elements, mechanisms, runners, cords and a chain. An aluminum profile for cornices is universal and has no differences, because it should be approached by other components. There are runners inside the cornice, these are special elements with which lamella is controlled. Runners are an independent small mechanism, they fix the lamellas, move them along the cornice, and also rotate the lamellas around its axis, the runners should be at a certain distance from each other, this distance depends on the width of the fabric and the size of the cornice. All runners are interconnected using the distance, depending on the length of the distance, the runners diverge to the desired distance and move together if the distance is damaged, only part of the lamellas will move because the noted runners will remain in place.

In case of malfunctions with blinds, you can buy a distance for vertical blinds in our online store and repair the blinds with your own hands. Also, we supply all types of components for vertical blinds, including finished products.

To order ready-made vertical blinds, it is necessary to make measurements and determine the installation option, because the installation of the finished product also depends on the correct measurements. Vertical blinds can be installed on the wall, on the ceiling, or in the window opening. These are the most popular installation options, the difference in installation is often due to the capabilities of the room, as well as the properties of the blinds. For example, in schools, installation on the wall is often selected, this creates the effect of classic curtains and does not attract additional attention, also using special brackets and clips, a cornice with lamellas can always be removed from the window to free the glass for cleaning. The installation inside the window opening is often due to the need to hide the blinds to the level with the wall so that there are no protruding parts in the form of a cornice and lamellas. When installing in the opening, it is necessary to take into account that when ordering you indicate the overall size of the finished product, which should be slightly smaller than the opening, so as not to cling to the windowsill and fit between the slopes. It remains to consider the installation option for the ceiling, with this option, the blinds are attached on the ceiling and can be long, both before the windowsill and to the floor. The blinds are mounted on the ceiling in some cases, if there are not enough spaces on the wall above the opening for the installation of the cornice, also, if it is necessary to hide the cornice, this is done using a special niche in the ceiling and a suspended ceiling that hides the cornice. Also, for a visual increase in space, long vertical stripes from the ceiling to the floor visually expand the space, often such techniques are used by experienced designers in the design of interiors. When installing blinds in the ceiling, it is necessary to take into account several points - Armstrong should be carried out either into power elements, or using special fasteners that increase the mounting plane and allow you to maintain the weight of the cornice and lamellas. Another option for installing the blinds in the ceiling is the zoning of the room, in large open rooms, vertical blinds are installed on the ceiling and when opening, they allow you to divide the room into several separate rooms, it is very convenient if it is required to provide relative privacy, or visually divide the room into small areas.

the result

Vertical blinds is a universal sunscreen, which allows many installation options, and also provides a wide range of fabrics and variations of systems. In addition, all systems can be assembled in different ways, alternating different fabrics, adding a decorative lining to the cornice and also changing the width and material of the manufacture of lamellas. Thanks to such variations, you can always choose a product for any type of interior.

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