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89mm distance for vertical blinds

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Дистанция для вертикальных жалюзи с шириной ламелей 89мм. Устанавливается в карниз и используется для регулировки расстояния между ламелями.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds with 89mm lamps create a unique pattern on the windows and visually differ from the classic blinds of 127mm. Often vertical blinds with narrow lamps are used in private rooms and offices, as well as for sunscript at home for the bedroom, loggia, as well as in private houses with large windows. Classic blinds with 127mm lamps are often used in offices, state institutions, as well as in other types of workplace, they are also widespread in schools and kindergartens due to the possibility of closing large windows without high cost of the product, and also have high maintainability. Blinds with 89mm lamps are also common in a modern interior, but since fabric lamellas are narrower, they are required more than 127mm. Accordingly, the cost of the finished product is slightly higher.

the design of vertical blinds 89mm

The main elements of vertical blinds are cornice and lamellas. Curnces mechanisms and runners are universal for all types of vertical blinds, thanks to universal components of the blinds, easily repair, replacing the necessary elements without replacing the whole product.

The cornice for the blinds consists of a white aluminum profile, inside which there are lamella controls.

Lameli are controlled using a cord and a chain that are connected to the control mechanism. The mechanism transfers an effort from control to the runners, which in turn rotate the lamellas around their axis, or move them along the cornice.

When opening the blinds, the runners diverge slightly less than the width of the lamella so that the fabric is overlapped, special distances are used for this. The distance limits the distance between the runners, thereby the lamellas are at the required distance from each other.

Cades for blinds are collected in several control options. Since the cornice itself is universal, it can be mounted with any side, which means that control that is located on the edge of the cornice can be located both on the left and to the right of the window opening. Based on this, the type of opening of the blinds does not depend on the side of the location of the cord. Consider the types of lamella opening for vertical blinds.

Type 1 - Lameli move to control, that is, when opening the blinds, all the lamellas leave in the direction in which the chain and control cord are located.

Type 2 - Lameli move from control, which means that the lamellas will move in the opposite direction from the control circuit.

Type 3 - regardless of the control side, the lamellas will diverge from the center to the sides, which means that half of the lamellas will be on the left of the cornice and the second part on the right. With the third type of opening, the lamellas move evenly and resemble classic curtains.

Type 4 is a non -standard option in which all the lamellas in the collected form will be in the center of the cornice, that is, when opening the window of the lamella will move from the sides to the center. This option is used to close two windows at once with one cornice, if there is a stretch between them, one cornice is installed in this version that overlaps both window openings and if you need to open the windows, the lamellas gather in the center where the wall is located and is compactly located between the windows. Such situations are not often, and installation depends on the competence of the measurer and designer.

The control type does not depend on the completeness of the cornice, with any selected version, the cornice is a similar design, only the options for assembling the product are different.

Installation of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds, regardless of cornices and lamellas, have several main installation options: on the ceiling, on the wall and inside the window opening.

Installation on the ceiling is one of the classic options, the blinds can be equipped with lamellas of different lengths, either from the ceiling to the windowsill, or from the ceiling to the floor. In this case, the product will have a different appearance and final cost. The blinds to the windowsill will protect you from the sun and look great on all types of classic windows, for example, in schools or in offices this is a very common option. Paul blinds are used for visual expansion of space, long vertical stripes visually increase the height of the ceilings and look very good in the bedroom or living room. When installing blinds in the ceiling, attention should be paid to the material of the ceiling, because the ceiling should withstand the weight of the entire structure, as well as additional loads at the time of the control of the blinds. To move the lamellas, you need to pull the control cord and thereby increases the load on the fasteners. If the ceiling is suspended, for example, Armstrong or from drywall, power elements should be added to it for fixing the cornice, otherwise the ceiling material may not be enough to hold the cornice and the installation will not be safe.

Installation on the wall is also a common option, with it, blinds are mounted on special wall brackets, which in turn are fixed in the wall. For cornices up to 150cm, 2 wall brackets are used long, if the length is more than 150 cm, then the brackets are placed every 50 cm of the cornice. Such fixation allows you to withstand the necessary loads regardless of the weight of the fabric. Wall brackets are ordered separately, therefore, when ordering vertical blinds, it is necessary to specify the installation option on the wall or on the ceiling. Installation on the wall is one of the safest options in measurements, because if you make a mistake with the length of the product, it is enough to lower or raise above the brackets and the curtain is ideal for the window. Also, do not forget that when installing the blinds on the wall, it is necessary to increase the width of the product in order to block the side gaps between the window and the curtain.

When installing blinds in slopes (inside the window opening), it is necessary to fix the product using special clips that come with the cornice. For installation inside the opening, it is important to consider the overall dimensions of the product so that the blinds fit inside the opening and at the same time the gaps between slopes and fabric are minimal, so when placing an order, we perceive the size of the product as overall, taking into account the cornice.

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