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115mm distance for vertical blinds

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Дистанция 115 для вертикальных жалюзи. Устанавливается в карниз и используется для регулировки расстояния между бегунками.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds, this is a modern product for sunscence of the house and office. Laws have a wide range of fabrics with many shades and textures that allows you to choose a product for all types of interior.

Vertical blinds are a very popular product for sunset of offices and educational institutions, so speaking of blinds you can hear that they are "office" or "school" that already knowingly implies their use. Although the product is mounted at home and perfectly performs decorative functions.

The device of vertical blinds

The main elements of the blinds are cornice and tissue lamellas that are located on it. The cornice is used to fix the blinds and ensures the operation of the system, since it contains all the mechanisms. And the fabric, in turn, from many lamellas forms a whole canvas that protects you from the sun.

There are runners inside the cornice, which hold the lamellas, and also move them along the cornice and rotate around its axis, this occurs due to the control mechanism using a circuit and cord. The cord is responsible for the movement of the lamellas along the cornice, and the control circuit turns the lamella. When opening the blinds, the runners move to the required distance from each other, which depends on the width of the lamella. Since the lamellas should overlap each other and close the window without visible gaps. The distance between the runners is determined by special elements - distance. The distance fixes the neighboring runners among themselves and allows them to disperse to the required distance. In our online store you can buy a distance for vertical blinds for 127mm lamella and 89mm. We also supply all types of components for vertical blinds, roller curtains, Roman curtains and other types of sunscreen.

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