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Extension cord for vertical blinds

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Удлинитель кронштейна монтируется на вертикальные жалюзи с ламелями 127мм и 89мм. Применяются для увеличения длины кронштейна, тем самым отдаляя ткань от стены либо выступающих элементов.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds is a classic solution for installation on the windows in the school or to the office. They gained their popularity due to low cost, as well as a simple design of the product. Since office premises are quite active and blinds are often operated, the design should be quite simple and functional. Vertical blinds consist of many separate lamellas, which can be replaced by a piece, without the need to replace a whole cloth of the fabric at once. The lamellas are also at a short distance from each other, so the room is well ventilated, and this is very important in the office with a large number of employees. So, if you are already the owner of vertical blinds or plan to purchase them, you will need to install them, let's figure out how to install vertical blinds.

installation of vertical blinds

blinds are delivered in disassembled form, cornice, lamella, weighting and chain are in separate packages. Blinds are specially delivered in such a way to ensure delivery intact and safety.

After you received the blinds, you need to check the completeness so that all parts are in stock, after which you can start the installation.

installation of vertical blinds on the wall

  1. The cornice for blinds is initially mounted, if it is implied on the wall, then the cornice will be fixed using special wall brackets.
  2. set the brackets, observing the horizontal level on the wall. If the blinds are mounted near the windowsill or batteries, they can be removed using special extension cords that are mounted directly on the bracket.
  3. After installing the brackets, special clips should be fixed in them, into which the cornice is fixed.
  4. We fix the cornice on clips. Clips with clips are installed at a distance of 50cm from each other for strong fixation of the cornice.
  5. Now it is necessary to fix the lamellas on the cornice. To install the lamella is required, holding her by the hanger insert her into the runner. Special latches are installed in the runners, which fix and firmly hold the lamellas.
  6. After all the lamellas are installed, it is required to install weighting stages in them. The weighting agent is easily installed in the lower part of the lamellas, for this, special pockets are fucked on them, into which a weighting agent is inserted.
  7. Now that all the weights are installed, they need to be connected by a special lower chain, it comes with the product. The chain is installed on both sides of the weighting agent, thereby fixing the product.
  8. the result

    Extension cords of the bracket are necessary to increase the distance between the fabric and the wall, this option is used if the blinds are in the immediate vicinity of batteries or the windowsill. When installing the extension cord, the fabric will not cling to the protruding elements of the wall, thereby increasing the convenience of control of the blinds.

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