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Extension cord for runners

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Наклонные удлинители применяются для установки вертикальных жалюзи под наклоном. Если карниз устанавливается под наклоном, для правильной работы жалюзи применяются наклонные удлинители.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are a multifunctional means of sunscript, which is everywhere used both in offices and in the home interior, but often the windows are made in the form of the right rectangles and, in addition to vertical blinds, there are other options to An example, roller curtains or horizontal blinds. All classic sunscreen systems work well on rectangular windows, differences can occur only with non -standard dimensions. And if the window is made in the form of a triangle or the upper part of the window is at an angle, in such cases the classic systems are not suitable, because when placing roll curtains under the inclination, the fabric will not be uniformly opened. For such non -standard windows, there are several options for sunscript, for example, deaf curtains that will not be functional, from the premium segment there are PLISS curtains that are mounted even on non -standard windows, as well as vertical blinds.

options for installing vertical blinds on inclined cornices

since the standard blind system involves the horizontal location of the cornice, when it is tilted, the lamellas can catch on the runners, or will be in an unnatural position. To correct the situation, special inclined extension cords are used. Such extension cords are installed in one side in the runners, and the other hold the lamella. Due to their design, the runners are held strictly vertically, even if the cornice itself is located in an inclined plane.

The miscalculation of non-standard blinds is made individually, since it is impossible to make a rectangular structure, the lamellas are cut in height so that when installed in the lower part of the product, the fabric is located in an even line.

The tilted cornice is mounted in a similar way, like horizontal, on the wall, inside the slope or on the ceiling, for installation, mounting clips and wall brackets are used in case of installation on the wall.

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