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Control circuit for vertical blinds

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Цепь управления для вертикальных жалюзи. Применяется для установки в карниз и служит для поворота тканевых ламелей вокруг своей оси. Поставляется в погонных метрах. Соединитель цепи заказывается отдельно.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are an undeniable leader among sunscreen systems for office premises, as well as schools and kindergartens, hospitals and shopping centers. Vertical blinds allow you to close wide window openings due to the simplicity of the structure and a fairly favorable cost. Only horizontal blinds can compete with them, but they are in a different area of ​​application because they are often placed on sash, and not on openings, and horizontal blinds are more fragile, and this is not the best quality for the sunscreen that is located in the office and is often used during the course Day. Therefore, thanks to dense quality fabric and durable cornices, vertical blinds can easily withstand work in offices and serve for a long time. Even in case of breakdown, any part of the blinds is just just replaced separately, without the need to buy a new product whole.

Vertical blinds are controlled using a special chain and cord, the cord moves the lamellas along the cornice, thereby opening and closing the windows, and the chain turns the lamellas around its axis, which allows you to configure the light level, Without opening the windows completely.

The cornice for vertical blinds is universal and is installed by any side, this means that the chain and control cord can be located on the right and to the left of the cornice, and the movement of the lamellas depends on where the control is located . Consider the options for managing the blinds

Type 1 - when trying to open the window, all the lamellas moves into the control string, which means if the chain is placed on the left, then the lamellas will be on the left and vice versa.

Type 2 - works in the opposite direction from the first, namely, the lamellas are opposite the control in the collected form.

Type 3 - Lameli extends to the sides, regardless of where the control is.

Type - Lameli gather in the center of the cornice.

Type - two cornices T1 are put to each other and form the curtain similar to type 3, but with control on both sides.

The blinds are controlled by a chain, and if it is damaged, it is necessary to replace the control circuit. In order to replace the chain, it is enough to measure the existing one and order a new one. To replace the chain, you need to get it into the mechanism and connect it using the chain connector. Also, the chain can be installed immediately on the control gear, for this it is necessary to remove the side plug and get the gear with the old chain, and then replace the chain, with a new one and return the gear in place.

the result

Replacing the control circuit with vertical blinds is quite simple and this does not require special skills. We recommend repairs on our own, if you have such an opportunity, this will save money.

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