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Cord for vertical blinds (white)

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Шнур для вертикальных жалюзи. Приводит в движение ламели(открывает световой проем). Используется совместно с грузом шнура.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Шнуры/нити вертикальные

Vertical blinds have gained their popularity in offices and educational institutions due to the possibility of easily close large window openings, leaving the opportunity to easily ventilate the room. The blinds consist of a large number of fabric lamellas, which pass the air, but cover the room from sunlight. Fabrics for vertical blinds do not close the sun, but gently disperse, this allows you to close the blinds and light will remain enough for work and study, while hot sun will not enter the room.

Consider more the design of the blinds

For vertical blinds, several lamella options can be used, they differ 127mm or 89mm wide. Lameli can also differ in manufacturing material, the main options are polyester, plastic and wood, consider them in more detail.

Polyester - most of the lamellas is made from this material. The polyester fabric is covered with special dusting impregnations, which greatly extend the life of the blinds and simplify their care. Also, polyester fabric withstands high temperatures and does not burn out in the sun, thanks to these properties, the blinds remain bright as on the day of the purchase for a long time.

Plastic - recently used more in exclusion options, plastic lamellas can turn on the sun over time and, unlike polyester, completely overlap the sun's rays, which makes it impossible to use such blinds in large school premises or in offices.

Wood is the rarest version of lamellas is a natural tree, the blinds made of wood look strong and noble, well suited for private cabinets and leadership offices, but such blinds have several shortcomings. They relate to the premium segment and have a higher cost compared to classic blinds. Also, wooden lamellas are much heavier than the tissue, so they require enhanced carnise fasteners because, in addition to the weight of the lamellas themselves, when opening the blinds, the load on the cornice increases, so it must withstand all operating conditions.

The cornice for the blinds consists of an aluminum profile that is painted white, inside it are control mechanisms and runners for fixing and moving lamellas. The cornice is controlled using a cord and a chain, the cord moves the lamella, opening and closing the window, and the control circuit turns the lamella around its axis. In terms of functionality, vertical blinds are one of the most convenient means of sunscript, as it allows you to control the level of lighting in the room, without opening the entire window, to increase the amount of light, it is enough to turn the lamellas in the right direction.

In our online store you can order a cord for vertical blinds at a price from the manufacturer, as well as components for repairing blinds with your own hands, including mechanisms, cargoes, hangers and cornice assembled. We are a manufacturer of sunscreens and produce ready -made vertical blinds with delivery in Ukraine.

Vertical blinds can be mounted in various configurations, for example, when installing on the wall, blinds can close both the entire window and part, leaving the bottom open. Thus, you can leave the windowsill with flowers in the public domain. For individual orders, the ability to collect blinds in the form of an arch with lamellas of different lengths is available, in which case the lamellas are installed in the appropriate order and create the type of arches on the window opening. If you want to get a unique product with individual colors, you can collect the alternating lamella in various shades, for example, two colors with alternating through one or through two lamellas. Also, to create beautiful silhouettes, there is an option on the edges of the window to install dark lamellas and in the center of the cornice is light, this creates the effect of framing the window opening and visually distinguishes it on the window.

the result

Vertical blinds are a universal means of sunscript, which consists of many separate parts and, if necessary, can easily be replaced with new ones. We supply all types of components for the assembly of blinds, as well as the cornices assembly and lamella on order, we can also order ready -made vertical blinds for individual sizes.

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