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Lower connecting circuit for blinds 89mm

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Нижняя цепь для вертикальных жалюзи с шириной ламелей 89мм. Применяется для соединения грузов ламелей между собой.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds 89mm is a sunscreen designed for installation on window openings, walls or in the ceiling. The peculiarity of such blinds is the dependence on the size of the opening, the larger the product, the better the blinds will look, so they are practically not installed on separate small wings.

blinds consist of cornice and lamellas, which are recorded in it, consider each element more:

The cornice is a special hard profile, inside which there is a control system, as well as many runners for fixing and moving lamellas. The runners, in turn, are associated with the control mechanism, which allows you to move the runners along the cornice or turn the lamellas around its axis. The cornice is controlled using two elements, the chain turns - the lamella, the cord - moves the lamellas through the cornice, thereby opening and closing the light opening.

Lameli for vertical blinds can be made of various materials:

The fabric is the most popular option, such lamellas are made of 100% polyester and partially pass the sun's rays, which allows you to close from the scorching sun, but leave light in the room. Also, thanks to the possibility of turning the lamellas, a room with vertical blinds will be well ventilated and illuminated.

Plastic - lamellas from plastic were produced earlier and are now practically not used. Plastic lamps are much thicker than fabric, they have a large weight and do not pass the sun's rays. Plastic can burn out in the sun over time and loses its color, so such blinds have long gone out of fashion.

wood - lamellas of wood is the rarest and most beautiful version of the blinds. Wooden lamellas can be found in interiors of private houses or offices of managers, such blinds are a premium product, so their cost is quite impressive.

Vertical blinds with a 89mm lamel width is an American standard, so they are not so popular in European countries and are partly exclusive. Due to the many small lamellas, the curtain looks very stylish and presentable, such blinds look good both at home and in offices, schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions.

how to repair vertical blinds 89mm

Consider options for breakdowns that can occur with vertical blinds and ways to eliminate them.

  1. Damage to the mechanism.
  2. lining breakdown.
  3. Often all the malfunctions in the cornice often include the breakdown of the mechanism:

    1. If all the lamellas stopped turning, this may indicate a breakdown of the control mechanism.
    2. If one or more lamellas ceased to rotate around its axis, this often manifests itself due to a breakdown of the runners. Also, if the runners do not move inside the cornice, this may mean a break in the control cord.
    3. There are also some types of breakdowns that are easy to find with the naked eye. For example, when cutting the control circuit or a break in the lower circuit, just detect visually.
    4. The following options can be attributed to the breakdowns of lamellas:

      1. Damage breakdown - hangers is a small plastic element that is installed inside the lamellas and fixes the lamellas in the runners. With a chopping hanger, the lamella is not held in the runners and there is no way to fix it. To eliminate the malfunction, you can order new hangers for 89mm lamelles and replace them. Or order the finished lamellas of the required length from similar fabric with already sewn hangers.
      2. Board of cargo - Lameli load is a plastic element that is installed in the lower part of the lamellas and creates tension on the fabric. With the loaded loads, the fabric retains the shape and does not dangle with gusts of wind. The load itself is quite strong and the chance to break it is minimal, but on the cargoes of the fabric there are side ears, for which the lower control circuit is fixed, when the ears are hit, it can be broken off from the cargo and it will not be possible to connect the loads with each other using the lower circuit. With a breakdown of fasteners on the loads, it is possible only to replace the goods with new ones, these elements cannot be repaired.
      3. Blove the lower chain - the lower chain, this is a special plastic chain on which small hooks are placed. With the help of hooks, the cargo of the lamellas is interconnected. In the case of a break in the control circuit or breakdown of hooks, the entire chain must be replaced, it does not lend itself to repair with your own hands. To replace the control circuit, it is enough to calculate the number of lamellas and multiply them by 2. This information will be enough for our specialists to determine the necessary length of the chain.
      4. In our online production, you can order the lower chain for vertical blinds, as well as all types of components for vertical and horizontal blinds, for roller curtains and a day-no and other types of products presented on our website.

        When additional questions arise - contact our specialists for advice, we are always happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the necessary product for your windows.

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