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Control mechanism vertical blinds

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Механизм для управления вертикальными жалюзи. Применяется для систем 127мм и 89мм.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are a great alternative to curtains, especially for rooms with a large number of people, for example, a school or an office. The blinds do not block air flows and thereby provide the ability to ventilate the room and close from sunlight at the same time. The blinds consist of many fabric lamellas, as well as mechanisms that allow you to easily control lamellas. The blinds gained their popularity and are also successfully used, because there is no alternative that allows them to be easily replaced.

The advantages of vertical blinds:

  1. Reliable protection from the sun, the blinds do not close the light completely, but gently disperse it, removing the hot sunlight and glare from the screens of the equipment, but even with closed blinds you can safely work without additional lighting. If necessary, the lamellas turns, thereby increasing lighting without opening the windows entirely for prying eyes.
  2. Universality - for the manufacture of blinds, many fabrics are used, which differ in shades and texture. When choosing a fabric, even the most sophisticated designer will be able to choose the necessary coloring to decorate the interior using blinds.
  3. Simple control - blinds are controlled using a chain that turns the lamellas and cord, which moves the lamellas along the cornice. To manage the blinds, it is not required to make much effort, even the child will cope with the control.
  4. The ability to visually change the interior of the room. Vertical blinds from the ceiling to the floor visually increase the size of the room. Also, with the help of blinds, you can zone the space of large rooms dividing them into several cozy parts.
  5. The equipment of vertical blinds

    cornice - in most blinds the same, regardless of the manufacturer, is used. Inside the cornice, mechanisms and runners should be located, which are always the same size, therefore, the cornices do not differ from each other. The cornice is an aluminum profile painted white. All cornices are symmetrical on both sides, due to which they are installed by any side. Depending on the type of chosen control of the lamella will move along the cornice in different ways, so when measurements, it is taken into account which side of the blinds should be located and how the lamellas will move.

    Lameli is fabric stripes with sewn holders and weighting agents. Lamels can be two types, 127mm and 89mm width. When using different lamellas, the cornice itself is used the same, but it is assembled in different ways when using narrow lamellas in the cornice more runners are installed in,

    brackets - are used to install blinds on the wall. In case of installation in the ceiling or sloping, the brackets are not used. Since the cornice for the blinds does not rotate, it can only be installed by runners down, which means that when installation on the wall for installing the cornice, Mr.-shaped brackets are pre-mounted on the wall, after which the cornice itself is installed.

    Lameli in vertical blinds can move along the cornice or control, if the window is completely open, the lamellas will be next to the control chain. Or opposite control, on the other side of the cornice. Or on the sides, in this case, the lamellas will be divided in half similarly to classic curtains.

    Regardless of the option of assembling the cornice, the mechanisms are used similarly.

    Now that we have determined that vertical blinds are assembled from the same cornices using similar control mechanisms if necessary, you can easily replace any part of the structure by ordering components in any convenient place. Our site presents all types of configuration for the repair of vertical blinds with your own hands, as well as ready -made vertical blinds at a price from the manufacturer.

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