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Bracket for attaching the cornice of vertical blinds on the wall

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Vertical blinds are a good means of sun protection, the choice shows more than 500 variants of fabrics of various shades and textures. A wide range of paintings allows you to choose blinds for all types of interior, regardless of the place of placement of the product. One of the most popular options are white and beige

fabrics, soft light shades are also used, for example, blue and pink, colored blinds are often selected to the color of walls and other interior elements.

It is quite simple to install vertical blinds with your own hands, the blinds consist of several parts that are easily interconnected. Often the product comes in the form of a cornice and separately lamella, for transportation this is an ideal option in which the fabric is difficult to damage during transportation.

how to install vertical blinds yourself

Vertical blinds are mounted in several ways:

  • to the window opening;
  • on the wall (closing the window opening);
  • on the ceiling, blocking the window opening or for zoning space.

Before installing the blinds, unpack the product and check the completeness, there should be: a cornice for blinds with installed clips, tissue lamelons with sewn hangers and cargoes, a lower dowdy chain. If you indicated that the installation will be on the wall, then the product is additionally equipped with wall brackets.

First, attach the cornice to the estimated installation site and place marks for installation of brackets or clip. The cornice can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall, the installation option is often selected when measuring windows to get the product of the correct size. The cornice needs to be fixed every 50 cm, this provides the necessary strength of the product fixation.

If the product is mounted on the brackets, one of the brackets must be installed near the control mechanism to reduce the lever when opening the curtains.

Now that the tags are installed, we attach fasteners to them and fix it. If the cornice is installed on the suspended ceiling as Armstrong or drywall, you should lay power elements when installing the ceiling so that the cornice is held tightly on the ceiling, special mounts should be used for ceilings without power elements.

The cornice is always fixed in the upper part using clip that comes with it. If fixation occurs on the ceiling or in the slope. When installed on the wall, wall brackets are initially mounted, after which clips and cornice are screwed on them.

Pay attention - before installing the cornice, when the marking is placed, you can install one lamel to determine the height, so you will understand that the lamellas will not cling to the windowsill, and the height for the cornice selected correctly.

After installing the cornice, the lamellas should be installed in it. To install the lamel, you need to take it over the upper holder and snap it into the runner up, the runners are equipped with special latches, which are designed to automatically fix the lamellas.

Next, all weighting are connected using the lower circuit, special fasteners are provided on the weighting, for which the lower chain clings. The chain connects the weights on both sides, that is, it must bend the product in a circle.

Check the work of the product. If everything is collected, right, the lamellas should turn around its axis without extraneous noise. If the lamellas do not turn, they probably cling, in this case, when turning, the runners will make a small crunch, but the lamellas will not move. For runners, this is not a breakdown, so do not worry that the products are spoiled. To correct the situation, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

- the lamellas in the closed position are superimposed on each other and if they do not turn, they should be shifted in the reverse order. For example, if the left lamella is on top of the right, it needs to be brought under it and also produce with all the lamellas. A similar situation will be if you turn a couple of lamellas, they will turn and all the others stand still, so you can easily determine that the product is not assembled correctly.

the result

Vertical blinds are modern blinds that have gained popularity thanks to a simple design and interchangeable details. Such blinds are perfect for installation in a home environment and in offices as well as in schools and kindergartens. The fabric for the blinds is treated with dusting compounds that protect the fabric from pollution and simplify the care of the blinds. Also, with damage to the blinds, it is easy to repair with your own hands by replacing the damaged parts of the structure without replacing the entire product entirely.

In our online production you can buy components for the repair of vertical blinds, as well as finished products in individual sizes.

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