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Bracket for fixing a decorative overlay on the cornice for vertical blinds

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Кронштейн грувера, применяется для фиксации декоративной накладки на карниз для вертикальных жалюзи.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are a popular means of sunshield, they gained their popularity in office premises and educational institutions. The popularity of vertical blinds appeared, due to the ability to close large window openings with one product, while the blinds consist of many separate components, which allow repairs partially without replacing the entire product.

Vertical blinds are often associated with the office and are less and less installed in a home environment so as not to make it too official. Often, for installation in the bedroom or in the hall, blinds with lamps of 89mm are used, they are outwardly different from the classic 127mm lamella and look more bright and interesting.

All types of lamellas are mounted on white cornice, and in order not to focus on it a special decorative lining (sterful) is used. Such default pads are used in multifacture blinds, but they can be installed on any vertical blinds, they often do not offer them, although such a small addition radically changes the appearance of the product and turns it from office blinds into cozy homemade.

The sterlet is a special plastic frame inside, which is located a strip of fabric, in turn, the fabric can be like a similar lamella and differ in color, creating contrast and visually change the cornice. The sterful is equipped with special side plugs and brackets that allow you to fix it on the cornice. The sterful is ordered by a long -er, if you order vertical blinds, you can order a sterful complete with the product, or separately, if the blinds are already installed, and you learned about the existence of the stern not so long ago.

On our site you can buy a bracket for the stern as well as the stove assembly. We also provide all types of components for repairing vertical blinds with our own hands.

the principle of operation of vertical blinds

The main elements of the system are cornice and tissue lamellas that close the window opening. The cornice is fixed on the wall or on the ceiling, after which lamellas are installed in it. Using the mechanisms inside the cornice of the lamellas, they turn around its axis, and also move along the cornice, thereby allowing you to completely open the window.

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