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Clip for fixing the cornice of vertical blinds

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Клипса для крепления вертикальных жалюзи. Универсальная, подходит для карнизов с ламелями 127мм и 89мм.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are a popular product protection product, which is often used in offices, schools and other institutions where it is required to close large window openings at a profitable price. The cornices for vertical blinds are universal and are installed both on the wall, and on the ceiling and on the window opening. The installation of vertical blinds always involves the use of special fixing elements - steel clips. Vertical blinds can be installed on a horizontal and vertical surface, while each type of installation differs with its nuances, but often it is either a ceiling or a wall. In total, options are on the wall (on the opening), inside the opening, in the ceiling and other options that are similar in meaning. Consider the main options for installing vertical blinds, and how they differ.

initially speaking about the installation of blinds, it is worth starting with the correct measurement, if the measurement is made, it is true, then there will be no problems to establish the blinds. If the necessary tolerances are not observed, even the most experienced installer will not be able to install blinds that are physically not placed in the window.

we will consider the three most popular options for installing blinds - this is on the wall, on the ceiling and inside the opening.

When you measure the blinds for installation on the wall, the wall itself is often blocked, but the light opening that is located in it, that is, the task is not to set the blinds on the wall, but to close the light opening without gaps and ensure the adjustment of lighting and the ability to open the window. Now let's go directly to measurements, the opening is framed by the wall, on which we will install blinds. We measure the width and height of the window opening, and then add 20 cm to the width and 10-20cm to the height. Increase the width of the product makes it possible to close the opening and leave one lamella side from the side of the opening, since the sun moves along the horizon, it can shine at different angles, which means that it is not only directly in the blinds, but also at an angle, thus increased blinds They will close the window opening thereby, thereby closing you from sunlight at any time of the day. With height, the situation is slightly different, the openings are often equipped with window sills that can bulge from the wall level at a decent distance, respectively, if the curtain is below the windowsill, then the lamellas can cling to the opening of the product. This is solved in several ways, by installing special extension cords that increase the distance between the wall and fabric, often extension cords makes sense to install if the blinds are already made and you learned about their length in fact, or you can immediately measure the blinds to the arrangement of the lames to the windowsill but not lower than it. Also, if there is a place on the wall on the wall, the cornice can be raised above, thereby lifting the lamella, this option allows you to not install the elongers of the brackets. So, if we need to close the opening, you need to measure the size of the opening and add 10 cm on each side in width and 10cm in height so that the cornice is placed above the opening and is conveniently fixed.

The second option for the installation "in the opening" - implies the placement of blinds inside the slopes. This option does not allow you to block the lateral gaps, because the blinds in any case will have small indentations from the slopes, but this option of fastening will strongly save space, because the whole structure does not stick out from the wall, but is located inside the opening and the wall looks even without additional cornices. When measuring the blinds in the opening, it should be borne in mind that the slopes are narrowed into the window of the window and if you measure the opening along the very edge, then the cornice may not fit in the width because it should be slightly drowned. Total, measure the size of the opening in width and height, and also take it 1 cm from the resulting size, to allow the blinds to freely be located inside the opening and not to touch it when opening.

The third version of the installation "on the ceiling" - using the installation of blinds on the ceiling, you visually increase the size of the room, and if the blinds are mounted from the ceiling to the floor, this will give a feeling of high

ceilings due to the presence of a large number of vertical stripes. It should be remembered that when installing blinds in suspended ceilings such as Armstrong or drywall, it is necessary to add strength elements in the ceiling installation in the places of attachment of the cornice for vertical blinds, this will provide the necessary rigidity and protect the use of the blinds in the future.

As you can see, the options for installing vertical blinds are quite diverse, but do not represent much difficulties. When installing the cornice, special clips are pre -fixed in the ceiling or sloping, after which the cornice is closed in them, clips allow you to easily remove the cornice without much effort if you need to completely free the window.

If the blinds are mounted on the wall and other vertical surfaces, then clips are also used during installation, but they are installed in Mr.-shaped brackets, after which the bracket is fixed on the wall, as a result, the fastening of the blinds occurs Similarly, as in the ceiling, but the mount plane is created using brackets.

If you need to buy a clip for vertical blinds, as well as wall brackets, all components for the installation and repair of vertical blinds are presented on our site at the prices of the manufacturer. We also produce ready -made vertical blinds at a bargain price, go to the setting section to place the order, or to the Vertical blinds on the site, you can immediately calculate the cost of products and quickly place an order.

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